Do you take to water like a duck? Then you should try out standup paddleboarding


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Can you imagine a warm summer day where there is no wind and the temperature is warm enough for you to only be wearing light summer clothes? Can you imagine a warm summer day where you are hanging out with your friends and you are looking for activities to do that somehow includes getting cooled down? If you can imagine these scenarios, then you have come to the right place. Let us introduce you to the perfect activity for a warm summer day, namely standup paddleboarding, also called SUP. It is a water sport born from surfing where you use a standup paddleboard to float on the water, and then you have to use a paddle to propel yourself through the water. It is a great activity because you don’t have to be very athletic or have special skills, but you just have to like being in the water. If you haven’t tried standup paddleboarding before, but you want to try it, then there are a few things to take into consideration before starting out. In the article below here, we provide some more information about what standup paddleboard you should pick.

What size paddleboard should you pick?

When you have decided to try out SUP, then there is not just one board to pick. You can find a variety of different standup paddleboards and it can be difficult to figure out what paddleboard to choose if you haven’t tried it before. You have some different options when it comes to the size of the paddleboard because you should find a board that is suitable for you and your needs. As a rule, the size of the board depends on your weight and height. If you choose a wider board, it will give you more stability as a beginner, but the wider board is also suitable for those who plan to do some casual activities on their board, such as yoga or fishing. If you choose a board that is more narrow, it will be more unsteady, and these are mostly used by advanced paddlers.

Which standup paddleboards are suitable for what?

When deciding which standup paddleboard you should pick for your first try, you should know that there are different types of paddleboards that are suitable for different purposes. For example, you are able to get both a junior board, a beginner board and a more advanced board. Some boards are more suitable at the beach while other boards are more solid and stable and can handle bigger waves. So depending on where you want to go to paddleboard and how the water conditions look like, we can recommend you to pick the widest and most solid standup paddleboard if you haven’t tried it before.

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