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By Trenni Kusnierek

Spring training ended more than two weeks ago for the Brewers, but that doesn’t mean the roster is set in stone.  With Yovanni Gallardo set to make his third and final rehab start for AAA Nashville tonight, someone on the Brewers pitching staff is going to draw the short straw.  Manager Ned Yost told me yesterday that Gallardo is assured a spot in the rotation when he returns to the team, but he is still deciding where he’ll fit in.  If you look at just the numbers, Dave Bush is the obvious candidate for the chopping block.  Bush is 0-2 on the young season with an 8.44 ERA, but that is not all Yost and his coaches will consider.  Bush is a veteran guy with a hearty work ethic that Yost loves. 

Also something to consider, the Brewers don’t have to make a decision right away.  With Gallardo expected to throw 100 pitches tonight, he won’t be available until at least Saturday.  That gives the Brewers a few days to see how Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra fare this week in St. Louis.  Both young guys struggled a bit their second time out on the mound and both still have options for AAA.

Another possible scenario, send Bush to the bullpen and option Seth McClung to Nashville.  The only problem there, McClung would have to clear waivers and the Crew would risk losing him.  I will say this, the decision will not be easy, but it’s nice to know the team has the kind of depth to make them.  Better to have too many arms, than not enough.


 On the lighter side of things, the entire team seems to be having a great time early in the season.  After a long series (and final game) in New York, we landed in St. Louis on Sunday night and the young group of guys were full of energy.  While in the elevator, FSN color analyst Bill Schroeder remarked that this is one of the best set of guys he’s been around.  I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve been around pro athletes for the better part of the last eight years, and this team is exceptional.  Unlike most clubhouses, there is no natural divide or cliques.  Just this morning I walked into the lobby to find Jason Kendall, Ryan Braun, and Mike Rivera hanging out, but I’ve also seen Braun hanging with Bill Hall, JJ Hardy, and Corey Hart.  In New York it was Rivera, Manny, and Carlos.  I’m sure you get my point.  This team gets along and loves playing together.  I’m still holding strong that will be the intangible that helps get the Brewers over the play-off hump.  (Obviously hitting, pitching, and defense are far more important, but I’m banking on those things naturally coming through.)


My other travel observation, JJ Hardy and Corey Hart remind me of two best friends at prep school.  When flying on the charter, all team members and media are required to wear suits.  JJ and Corey are always rocking the navy blazer with pants, and both guys carry backpacks instead of brief cases.  The ‘School Ties’ look cracks me up, and I love the fact they carry North Face and not Louis Vuitton.

Time now to enjoy an afternoon nap on a rare day off.  I was hoping to take part in a fun activity, but downtown St. Louis is sorely lacking in the entertainment department.  I could play craps on the river boat casinos, but something tells me that’s not the best idea after shopping up a storm in the Big Apple!

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  1. paulmbanks says

    definitely defines the term “all-access.”

    going from the city of New York to the city of St. Louis. wow that’s like comparing Sammy Sosa in his prime juiced up days with the Cubs to Sammy in his skinny and strikeout-every-third-at-bat early years with the White Sox. The “capital of the world” to my least favorite city

  2. I think Braun should decide to start hitting the ball so my fantasy team stops sucking… it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Gwynn is healthy, Cameron isn’t suspended, and if Kapler keeps hitting the ball, what will happen in center field…

  3. These are the “problems” every team likes to have. Let’s just hope that ML pitchers have not figured Braun out, who, like Hunter Pence (ROY runner-up) is also struggling. Both were prone to K’s in he minors. Kapler was busted for steriods before it became “taboo.”

  4. Paul M. Banks says

    What do you guys think about the Soriano injury shifting the balance of power in the NL Central race? He really carried the Cubs in June and Sept last season. I guess you’ll have to see the inevitable Ben Sheets injury to happen sometime in ’08 and counteract that.

  5. Andy Weise says

    Thank you Prince for finally hitting a homerun, I was starting to wonder if he should start eating meat… he was killing my fantasy team!

  6. Andy Weise says

    PS – Brewers should have never signed Cameron… waste of money. I would expect him to be available to anyone willing to pay the rest of the contract. With Hart, Kapler and Gwynn Jr, they have enough guys to cover CF.

  7. Cano's Cards says

    shift of power with soriano being hurt? he’s been a bust since day one and wasn’t even at the mendoza line this year… so i dont see his injury affecting anything… everything I hear about Cameron is that he is a great teammate and people love him which as Trenni wrote, fits in with their clubhouse atmosphere…

  8. paulmbanks says

    Soriano a bust since day one? I dont think so. he carried the Cubs in Sept and June last year. yes, he hasn’t done much so far this year, but his loss will hurt believe me.

    Cano’s Cards? Love that name! Can I guy an ’86 Donruss Jose Canseco Rated Rookie card from you?

    How about the ’89 Fleer Billy Ripken with the word f**kface scribbled on the bat handle? best error baseball card ever!

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