Czech Republic’s Marketa Slukova: reason to watch Olympic Beach Volleyball (photos)



The next household name to emerge from the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games? Perhaps it’ll be Marketa Slukova, the Czech Republic beach volleyball star. Here are some photos of the Prague native which tell you why.


credit: Moscow Photos

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  1. Chris Wilson says

    I wish there was more balanced media attention to the foreign competitors in the Olympics and less overkill of the Americans. Hey, I am American but the Olympics is an international event with most of the athletes coming from other countries. Balance not hype.

  2. Matt Saracen says

    You’re very right, NBC does overkill the domestic coverage. I would like to see more foreign as well

  3. I’ve watched them play twice on NBC. Great team…

  4. Donnie Mo says

    They have to show Americans. This is America. But please show all the hot slukova’s you can!!!

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