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By David K.

Welcome to a weekly article at where I will give you the 101 on what has happened in the week of college basketball and what is to come in the days ahead.


-Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks was the definition of a player “going off” in the Wildcats win at Tennessee on Tuesday.  Meeks dropped a UK single-game record 54 points on 15-22 FG, 10-15 3-pt FG, 14-14 FT.

-Loserville’s Earl Clark provides with the dunk of the year thus far.  (see youtube clip below)  The best part of the jam is who he facials, Notre Dame’s Luke Harangody.  The second best part is Bill Raftery’s “Clark Bar” reference.

-Speaking of Loserville, a big week for them as they beat Notre Dame and previously unbeaten, top ranked Pitt.  I was not high on the Cardinals to start the season but with the way they are playing right now, they definitely deserve to be in all Final Four discussions.  Senior forward Terrence Williams has been brilliant in conference play and should be mentioned in any All-American talk.

-I LOVE Jay Bilas.  He is by far my favorite analyst of any sport.  But I have to call him out for starting his interview with Williams after the win against the Irish with, “Yo, T-Will!”  Really, Jay?  Do you and T-Will roll around L-ville together?  Don’t ever do that again.

-Since I have been slacking on my Marquette whoring; here we go.  HUGE win at Providence Saturday night coming back from a nine-point deficit with ten minutes to play to win by nine.  I cannot say enough about our three senior guards who have been starting for four years.  That experience factor has definitely been to MU’s advantage as they now have second half comeback wins over Wisconsin, N.C. State, Villanova, and West Virginia.  I don’t say this very often, but I am feeling very good about this team.  For now, anyway.

-I have a bone to pick with ABC.  Their two nationally televised games Saturday were Wake Forest at Clemson (a battle of unbeatens) and Kansas at Colorado.  I live in Madison, Wisconsin and for some reason they played the ENTIRE Jayhawk game, even though it was never close and you cannot call Kansas a regional team.  DUMB!


My AP Top Ten (if I actually voted in the poll)

1. Wake Forest (16-0)
2. Duke (16-1)
3. Pitt (16-1)
4. UConn (16-1)
5. Oklahoma (17-1)
6. North Carolina (14-2)
7. Michigan State (13-2)
8. Louisville (13-3)
9. Syracuse (17-2)
10. Marquette (16-2)
Nipping on their heels:

Clemson (16-1)
Arizona State (15-3)
UCLA (14-3)
Xavier (15-2)


Fast Forward

-Big Monday just keeps getting better; Syracuse at Pitt.  (6:00 ESPN)  ‘Cuse’s brutal Big East stretch ends Sunday when they host Louisville.

-Clemson lost for the first time this season Saturday against Wake and they have quite the follow-up game; heading to UNC on Wednesday night.  (8:00 ESPN)

-More Big East magic Saturday when UConn goes to Notre Dame.  Take notice of how hard it has been to win on the road in the Big East when the top tier teams have gone head-to-head. (6:00 ESPN)

-We will find out if Washington is truly a Pac-10 contender Saturday when they host UCLA (3:00 FSN)

-One of the best non-conference college basketball rivalries is renewed Saturday when Memphis heads across state to Tennessee.  The Volunteers have not looked sharp as of late and needs this win.  (2:30 CBS)
The Drive to 225

To update my goal of watching 225 college basketball games this season… Peter Christian might have been right; it may end up being closer to 300.

Games watched through 1/11:  126

Games watched this past week: 16

Notre Dame at Louisville
Texas at Oklahoma
Memphis at Tulsa
Kentucky at Tennessee
Syracuse at Georgetown
South Florida at Pitt
Michigan State at Penn State
Michigan at Illinois
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Arizona at UCLA
Georgetown at Duke
Illinois at Michigan State
Marquette at Providence
Notre Dame at Syracuse
Pitt at Louisville
Arizona State at UCLA

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  1. I like how you’re fitting your illini watching here

  2. Peter Christian says

    How do you avoid DVR malfunctions (like a game running past the pre-set time)? I got hosed with the ASU-UCLA game.

  3. Melissa W. says

    With American Idol, Lost and NCAA basketball sometimes conflicting on the DVR, I’ve tried relying more on the Networks that let you watch the episodes online to help me out…

    I would suggest this to anyone also being torn by which two games/shows to record and which ones to let go of…ABC is the best about it.

    Oh the agony…

  4. My DVR gives you the option of recording certain programs longer… so I usually extend the record times on 15 minutes for any game especially if I think it will come down to the wire… 30 minutes for Marquette games since the Georgetown fiasco from last year…

  5. Peter Christian says

    I guess I’ll have to start employing that strategy.

  6. paulmbanks says

    I think my DVR knows (without me telling it) that all episodes of “Martin” need to be recorded for me!

  7. Andy Weise says

    I hope Louisville keeps winning, that only looks better for the Gophers with that big W.

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