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By David K.

Welcome to a new weekly article at where I will give you the 101 on
what has happened in the week of college basketball and what is to come in the days ahead.


-In case you were unaware, Marquette beat the Badgers this week… which puts the bragging rights back in my hands for a second straight year.

-Did anybody have a better week than the Ohio State University?  The Buckeyes won at Miami, Fl in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, and then on the road at Notre Dame with Luke Harangody in the line-up.  OSU is now 5-0.

-Seriously, North Carolina might not lose this year.  Whipping Michigan State by 35 was just plain ridiculous.  If the Heels played Peter Christian’s favorite NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, I might take UNC straight up.

-Something must be wrong with Oklahoma PF Blake Griffin.  After averaging 19 boards through his first six games, Griffin only grabbed 14 rebounds in his two contests this week.

-In case you have not heard one of the 742 times it has been mentioned during a game, the college three-point line was moved back a foot this season.  However, many of the nation’s top long range gunners continue pulling the trigger from deep.  Here is my All-Chucker Team: who have the green light to shoot anytime they step across half-court:

Josh Akognan, CS-F (36-101 through 9 games: (7-18 vs. Hawaii, 4-14 vs. WF)
Kyle McAlarney, ND (39-82 through 8 games: 10-18 vs. UNC, 9-17 vs. Furman)
Robert Vaden, UAB (29-78 through 8 games: 8-13 vs. ODU, 3-14 vs. BC)
Stephen Curry, DAVID (27-66 through 7 games: 6-15 vs. Oklahoma)
A.J. Abrams, TEX (24-54 through 7 games: 5-17 vs. ND)

6th Man:
Andy Rautins, CUSE (18-57 through 8 games: 5-9 vs. Florida)


Fast Forward

-With the Jimmy V Classic Tuesday night (Davidson vs. West Virginia and Texas vs. Villanova), it’s only fitting we link up one of the most inspirational speeches of all time:

-We will find out if unbeaten Gonzaga is for real this week when they hit the road against a pair of middle of the road Pac-10 teams, Washington State and Arizona.  I was tempted to put the Zags on my overrated list to start the season, but now I am buying into their talent.

-Due to the occurrence of final exams at most universities, it is a slow week of college basketball which will definitely hurt me chipping away at my push for 225.

The Push to 225

I set an over/under for myself at the beginning of the season.  My goal is watch at least 225 college basketball games this season thanks to the wonder that is DVR.  To clarify, I have to watch the entire game from opening tip to the final whistle, unless it is a blow-out late and the scrubs are brought in.  And for the record, if I had ESPNU, I would set the over-under at 300.  Here is my weekly update:

Games watched through 12/7:  48


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  1. paulmbanks says

    those 3pt stats r tight. talk about geekiness. thats awesome how did all the research to find those out, interesting stuff

  2. that Dickie V pic is rather disturbing…

  3. paulmbanks says

    Indeed. it takes a James Earl Jones voiceover to describe how truly disturbing that is!

  4. Matt Saracen #QB1 says

    I hate Coach K.

  5. Peter Christian says

    I am going to start taping games on ESPN U (with actual VHS tapes) and send them to you so you can break 225 like I predicted you would, do you even own a VCR anymore?

  6. Melissa W. says

    Remember, you have another DVR system in Madison, it’s just down the road at my house. I also dedicate resources towards your goal, since I can’t possibly deny you the ridiculous number of channels DIRECT TV is giving me.

    Don’t forget to focus on three things: family, religion and the Green Bay Packers. Well, at this point in the season just substitute the football for more basketball. Sheesh.

  7. Ghost in the Machine says

    Dipsy Do- Dunk-a-roo! I think David should post the pic of him and Dicky V from 2000 in an upcoming article.

  8. The Hooters ads w Dicke V. are disturbing!

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