Choose or Lose Sox Exchange Part 2



“A politically charged debate on the White Sox chances of winning the 2008 “American League Nomination.”

By Soxman and Paul M. Banks 

(PMB) What do you think of the Sox ad with our local ruling patriarch, Hizzoner Mayor Daley II telling A.J. to bunt? 
(SM) I loved the commercial.  Regardless of how you feel politically, there is no bigger Sox fan in the city of Chicago. (Next to Soxman, as stated by Fox News Chicago at game 1 of the World Series in 2005)  Everyone in the city knows that.  Daley was born and raised in Bridgeport so on many levels, the spot says that AJ listens to the fans before his coaches.  I’m still waiting for my commercial invite by White Sox management.

On other levels, it’s interesting that the commercial with Daley ran just days before he announced the budget crisis in the city and how everyone will have to make sacrifices, even if it goes against their normal style.  Deep, I know.  But does any player symbolize a hard-nosed labor union representative better than A.J.?

Now if the White Sox could just learn from that commercial and execute, we might not have this “budget crisis” of our own, being short on wins to stay in first place.
(PMB) Ha Ha. They should learn from that commercial and stop leaving so many guys on base, every game! Next time I chat with the Sox PR department I’m going to float the idea of a Soxman commercial.
Here’s an example of politics intruding upon baseball, the GOP convention is in the Twin Cities this year and they have to use the Metrodome for operations activities during their stay in Minnesota. This forces the Twinkies to take to the road for almost three weeks at the end of August/beginning of September. Did the Republicans just do us a huge favor?  
(SM) Even though the Twins are 23-28 on the road this season, The Sox have arguably a tougher schedule, as they have to play the Yankees on the road, 7 games against Boston, and the Twins in Minnesota on their last road trip of the season.  Now if the convention was scheduled in L.A. and they were going to use the Dodgers ballpark, I might scream conspiracy.  After all, John McCain is from Arizona and the Diamondbacks are in first. 

(PMB) Our schedule is quite treacherous! Currently, there is great debate about the Ken Griffey Jr. acquisition. One side of the Sox aisle states that he’s over-the-hill and a waste of time, the other claims him as a season savior. Who’s correct? You gotta love his coming through with a couple base knocks in his debut, giving us a badly needed boost to our team batting average with runners in scoring position and two outs!
(SM) Griffey is not a long-term answer for the White Sox and it is highly unlikely they will pick up his $16 million plus option for the 2009 season.  Honestly though, I do not liken the pick-up to Ross Perot’s choice of Admiral Stockdale in the 1992 presidential election.  Kenny Williams did not waive the white flag on the season, and tried to plug a hole in an unexpected area of need.
The White Sox remain the second worst team in MLB in batting average with runners in scoring position and 2 outs (.201).  Griffey’s .356 on-base percentage is good for 4th on the White Sox behind Jim Thome, Carlos Quentin, and Jermaine Dye.  While Kenny addressed one area of weakness, he did nothing to address the pitching or speed situation.  There were strong rumors he was pushing hard to acquire Brian Roberts from the Orioles, but just couldn’t put the right package together, so he settled for Griffey.

a very old picture of the “American League of Justice” with a former Batboy 

(PMB)  All campaigns will suffer injuries and hardships along the way. Victory comes from finding a way to get the job done in spite of them. The ’08 Sox are no different. We weathered a storm when the BOOM Bobby Jenks went down right before the All-Star break. Tell us about Contreras, Linebrink, and Crede’s rehab assignments and when we should expect them back?  

(SM) You are correct, just like presidential candidates pay extra attention to the states that they are at risk of losing and assertively capture the states they’re supposed to, the White Sox have fallen significantly short in these areas this season.  Looking at the 2008 season alone, you can’t blame Kenny Williams.  Overall though, he is accountable for not cultivating a winning farm system and giving up all our prospects for aging talent.

As I said in the beginning of the season, losing the “easy” games might kill the Sox in September.  That is exactly what’s happening now.  Also, the Sox have a team ERA near 6.00 since the all-star break.  Without pitching, we are weak on the key issues needed to win this Central “election!”

Joe Crede was supposed to be back in the line-up no later than Wednesday, but his back locked-up during batting practice and he had to take himself out.  As we have no real option at third, this could be 2007 all over again.  There is now no timetable for his return.
Scott Linebrink is not expected back until mid-August at the earliest as the swelling in his shoulder has not subsided enough for him to resume baseball activities.

Jose Contreras is on-schedule returning from right elbow tendonitis and could be back with the White Sox by Friday.  His performance could play heavily on the Sox chances on getting the American League nomination and be 2008’s “October Surprise.”
I think the Sox will be looking to acquire another pitcher before the waiver trade deadline.  Freddy Garcia will be throwing for scouts on August 18th. 
Other waiver candidates include: Tim Redding, Greg Maddux, Randy Wolfe, and Paul Byrd.  Would Maddux in a Sox uniform be like JFK going Republican?


(PMB) Yes or Joe Lieberman, a former Dem V.P. candidate caucusing with the GOP. Finally, when will we see the bumper sticker and buttons reading “Soxman/Batboy ‘08”? Both the Blue-States and Red-States within Sox Nation can agree on this ticket!
(SM) While we are flattered, let’s focus on team victories before individual gain.  My team must first win the Central primary and then the American League nomination.  Do you want to be our campaign manager?
(PMB) Sure and press dept official once you are inaugurated. Our campaign tour already has a theme song “Don’t Stop Believin.” Be sure to check out our next rally! I love how someone posted a comment on this idea before I even posted it in an article.


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  1. paulmbanks says

    Again my apologies for being late with the exchange last week. so we made it up for it by giving you two this week!

  2. paulmbanks says

    And this has more Sox news and stats, etc. in it. My apologies for making you guys wait for all that. GO SOX!

  3. Soxman for President! Yeah what’s up with the White Sox not approaching you for a commercial? Do they have no common sense?

  4. The job of a GM is to win now and build for the future. Out farm system is ridiculous and its because we held onto scouts with no history of producing winners for far to long!

  5. Tommy Tutone says

    It is a CRIME soxman has not yet been approached to be in one of those commercials. Especially with the Dark Knight being so successful

  6. Tommy Tutone says

    Soxman you are making our situation sound rather bad. Can we win this thing?

  7. Mullet Kelly says

    I second that! For gosh sakes there is no bigger fans in Chicago. The sox could have gotten massive pop with that! Knowing Soxman he’d likely do it for free or for charity.

  8. Mullet Kelly says

    Soxman thnaks for the stats but I think I feel worse now.

    Are you sure you didn’t get that president idea from your writers Paul?

  9. Soxy Sheri says

    Hate to repeat the NBC blog but hell yeah come on sox lets get this commercial thing done. It should be a can of corn.

  10. Soxy Sheri says

    Don’t know about soxman as president though. I could see his defense already… “I did not watch Sox with that woman”

  11. Myspace mike says

    I wrote the Sox an e-mail suggusting that idea at the begining of the season and never heard a thing. I think the sox treat soxman like he Gothom Police treated batman. They deny supporting him in public but know he is doing good for the city!

  12. Myspace mike says

    Forget Griffey…Banks and Soxman go 2 for 2 with these exchanges! Well done guys.

  13. Thats what was missing! Thanks guys for part II.

  14. Grinder Guy says

    Soxman commercial? You can put it on the board.

    DEEEEP on the AJ Chicago connection man. Very thought provoking.

    C’mon AJ!!! put him in a commercial.

  15. Batboy’s babe says

    My sexy boy needs to be mentioned more. He would make a great VP. Whever soxman would be out as pres he could motion to the pen ala Ozzie for Bobby and they could play “Boom” instead of hail to chief!

    I want to lick you batboy..literally…like a lollipop.

  16. Soxman Stalker says

    I llllllooooooooooovvvvvveeee Soxman! The Sox are so stupid for not putting him in a commercial. Can’t they see what the city sees?

    kisses my hero!

    Soxman is it really that bad for the sox?

  17. paulmbanks says

    I’ll try to get Batboy to join us for the xchnage next weekend.

    Myspace Mike, LOVE the Gotham police analogy!!

    DJ, you’re right about the scouting deficiencies. the Sox fans who bring that up right away are usually the ones that I’ve found to really know whats up and whats going on with the team.

  18. paulmbanks says

    I think Soxman would make a great story for NBC5 Sports Sunday. Next time I talk to my boss on the web side, my main contact in the WMAQ sports or Paula Farris, I’ll mention the idea again.

  19. Soxman Stalker says

    Sooooxxxxxxmmmmmaaaaannnnn!!!! I saw my lover on TV a bunch of times last night! You and Batboy ARE the ultimate fans for staying until the very last out and SSSwwwwiiiisssshheeeers HR!!! I love you soxman.

  20. Billy Blast says

    Seen: Soxman and Batboy on the Scoreboard at least 6 times through 14 innings NEVER STOPPING WITH THEIR INTENSITY in heavy costumes on a night whne most people were sweating in shorts and a wife beater. You are a credit to sports fans everywhere and its a CRIME the Sox have not asked you to do onoe of those commercials. I agree with myspace mike.

  21. So my kids are listening to radio Disney yesterday evening and who comes on live but Soxman and Batboy! They sang the Go go Sox song. soxman the tribute to your niece was great but your knowledge of Hanna montanna is scary. Loved the “Best of Both worlds” analogy. These are the things you need to give more “ink” to Sportsbank.

  22. Mullet Kelly says

    Soxman saw you on TV last night!

  23. Mullet Kelly says

    Can’t beleive you stayed the entire game. You and Batboy are magic!!!

  24. Myspace mike says


  25. Myspace mike says

    WHO doubts soxman and batboy should only look at last night. I saw them doing interviews for Disney and some other media outlet at like 6:00 and they were at the game until the final out and we won. My point: Come on city of “Gotham” lets put them in a commercial already!!!!!!!!!

  26. Batboy’s babe says

    Batboy (and Soxman), I saw you on TV a couple of times last night sweating badly. Anytime you need a tongue towel just flash the “babe” signal

  27. Mary, Mary says

    Soxman you guys are the best. Thanks so much for part II, It’s awesome. Griffey is doing nothing thus far. His timing looks way off at the plate.

    My niece heard you singing on radio Disney.

  28. Nikki Sixx says

    Awesome dedication last night guys! They showed you like three times on TV!!! It is a crime you have not been in a commercial!

  29. Nikki Sixx says

    PS awesome follow-up article…

  30. crazy Asian says

    Soxman met you and Batboy last night. You took a picture with my son and told me to post here! You guys are awesome! I can’t beleive you stayed until the end! The Sox needed a hero and they got, batboy, and Nick Swisher!

  31. Monica All night Long says

    Awesome meeting you last night! you are honestly the coolest, most down to earth celebs I have ever met!

    Paul is the man behind the mask just as nice?

  32. Soxy Sheri says

    Nothing Sexier than seeing my man on TV!!! You rock!

  33. Soxy Sheri says

    ok maybe seeing my man on TV several times!!!

  34. Grinder Guy says

    You guys define grinders! They showed Soxman and Batboy like every half inning after the 10th…like saying “they are still here” You guys never stopped staying positive.

    Is the man behind he mask a motivational speaker? LOL

  35. Ya Ya Sox Sisterhood says

    Saw you on TV!!!! I kept telling my dad they would win as long as Soxman and Batboy were there.

  36. Ya Ya Sox Sisterhood says


  37. Ya Ya Sox Sisterhood says

    SOXMAN i LOVED YOUR ARTICLE ON WAIVER PROSPECTS. I really think the sox need to go and get another arm. Thornton pitched his ass off last night.

  38. I tip my cap to the both of you guys. The weather was miserable even after the sun went down and you stuck it out. Great article. What a game!

  39. Soxman who is the most likely pitcher for us to grab?

  40. Soxman-thanks for coming out for Police and Fire Night at the cell. It is an honor having you representing us as sox fans…

  41. Happy Man says

    I second Bobby– you were very friendly to all of our families. Thanks for your kind words about Chicago Police and Fire.

  42. You guys rule! Saw you on TV a couple times…they made a comment how you both never say die.

  43. 1000 bonus points for dressing in the heat. Any trash that thinks you guys are glory hounds should put on that costume and then throw stones.

  44. Bleeding Cheese says

    Amazing comeback. On the article part II as well

  45. Saw you on TV! You are both my heroes!!!

  46. Awesome commitment guys and fun article. The commercial MUST be done!

  47. I’m waiting for Mayor Daley to go… “I’m the soxman” ala Harvey Dent. After all Soxman does come from the shadows of bridgeport and has anyone seen Soxman and major daley in the same place at the same time? Hmmmm

  48. Holy !@#ing S@!t Soxman and Batboy !@#!ing rule and helped inspire Nick Swisher to slam the !@#!ing hell out of the damn !@#!ing ball. These kids never !@#!ing quit and stayed there until the damn !@#!ing end of the !@#!ing game man. I saw hem on the !@#!ing TV from my office.

  49. One word: awesome. You guys rock my socks..

    Soxman and Batboy I have never met such unselfish people in my life!!!

    It was like 1:00 a.m. and they were still posing for pictures with tired but excited fans!!!

  50. Chicago’s proud of you!!!!

  51. Disney Mom says

    So I hear of these two guys called Soxman and Batboy singing Go Go White Sox on Disney Radio last night and I have to google them and find this page. Funny stuff. Soxman it looks like you do a lot of good as I also saw your stuff on your page. Are you under contract with Disney and MLB? Lots of fun.

  52. Disney Mom says

    My kids would like a pic!

  53. Soxman after 14 inning you “waked me up inside and saved me from myself” The sox were not Broken without you…

  54. Thanks for being such great fans!

  55. Heidi Hot Sox says

    You guys were on the jumbo tron like 7 times! Awesome fans it is an honor to call you guys friends… XOXO

  56. Heidi Hot Sox says

    P.S. how did you survive in the heat and I loved the second article!

  57. Heidi Hot Sox says

    You guys were on Disney radio? That’s awesome.

  58. I also heard you guys on radio disney last night and my kids just had to know what you looked like. Your writing appeals to different audiences which is a lot of fun. I usually take my kids to Cubs games but it might be nice to switch it up to give them a chance to meet the “guys on the radio.”

    Where do you post your appearence schedule or ae you at all home games?

  59. We saw you getting interviewed by cameras in the parking lot. What channel was it on?

  60. Very cool article by the way. I would vote for you to be president. After yesterday’s game we know you wouldn’t run even if the odds were against you!

  61. paulmbanks says

    Moncia All Night Long,

    1. your handle is interesting to say the least. 2. yes he is the nicest man in the world. seriously. Next time I talk with Paula Faris I’m going to mention what a nice and very accessible guy the man behind the mask is.

    I also sent the NBC post with the 130 comments to the Sox PR guy last night. The Commish is doing what he can to spread the word more about Soxman and Batboy

  62. paulmbanks says

    Thank you for all the compliments on the article everybody!!!!

    Love how Ozzie drops by…and is decent enough to censor himself when he spouts vulgarity and obscenity

  63. paulmbanks says

    If someone has the Disney audio, email it to me

    I’d like to post it in Week in Review and on the site’s media links page

  64. Awesome appearence by you guys as always! Even better win. First time poster. Met you at the game yesterday and you asked me to check out the sportsbank. Fun place.

  65. paulmbanks says

    -Check out who the Street Team blogger of the week is! And the team my boss choose to mention is the Sox! love it. And they plug the Soxman post with 130 comments

  66. Great job on the NBC article. Read it moments ago. There are not 130 comments yet though. :)

  67. the gooch says

    Anything Soxman touches seems to turn to gold. Maybe players should get Soxman to touch their arm instead of Erin Andrews.

  68. Texas Bagpipes says

    Met soxman at the 2005 World Series. He’s an awesome man. I left a comment on your NBC page telling you how he saved me and my wife. I had a much different opinion of Chicago people until then.

  69. Disney Mom says

    Soxman is the Best of both Worlds as his favorite Hanna song goes LOL.

  70. myspace mike says

    Did anyone notice how when Soxman and Batboy return to the cell the winning streak returns? Tuesday’s win was just the start!!!

    Wednesday as well. Danks looked awesome.

    Lets turn this pitching thing around now boys!

  71. Batboy’s babe: says

    Batboy could turn me around anytime. :)

  72. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    The White Sox and Soxman are like the Dillon Panthers

    clear eyes. full hearts. cant lose!

  73. paulmbanks says

    Truly us Chicago people rule!

  74. Cubs Killer says

    Great exchange and very timley NBC article. First time poster.

  75. Cubs Killer says

    Does anyone know where the soxman lives?

  76. Cubs Killer says

    I just left this comment on your NBC story but I figured he fans here might like it as well.. (it reads pending approval on NBC)

    Thats what’s cool about Soxman. Even fans from opposing teams appreciate what he does. He remains friendly to everyone while defending Sox justice.

    At opening day I saw these total losers heckling him about something that made no sense at all. Do losers ever make sense? They even threw pieces of pretzels at him to try and provoke him and Batboy and he just kept his cool and walked away…where of course he was promplty smothered by people who just wanted to touch him and shake his hand.

    My point? Even the “jokers” can’t break his spirit. As evident by the masive support he recieves, people respect what they are, stand for, and the TRUE celebs they are.

    Name me any other celebrity in the city that remains so humble and yet gives so much. Have they ever asked for anything in return? I offered to buy them water as it looked like they were roasting and they said “no thanks.’

    On this story alone they have over 127 reason to be stuck on themselves and they are not. Many people who think “they are all that” could leanr from these two inside baseball and out.

    You are the best guys…

    Go sox!

  77. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman was one comment away from breaking Barry Bonds HR record…LOL had to help him hit it. You were right about Brett Soxman! Curse you for calling it before my heart was ready to accept it! Why do you always have to be right?

    Can you please predict that the Packers will get to the Super Bowl under Rogers vs. the Jets???

  78. Bleeding Cheese says

    No I don’t think he’s on juice but his comments reflect the “juice” he has according to Paul Banks…

  79. Was once a cubs fan says

    Mr. Banks, I just posted this to your NBC Site. But I thought you might like it here as well:

    The Cell is a very fan-firendly place despite the sterotypes. My son had the opportunity to meet local celebs Soxman and Batboy at Tuesday’s game and I can only say that despite the fact that the Cubs are the better playing team in Chicago right now, I’m a convert to the Sox. The park is so clean with easy access its a blast. Having Chicago celebs that bleed their teams colors with the “presence” Soxman and Batboy have is just not possible to put into words. Despite a crowd of attractive females waiting for Soxman’s picture he stopped, sat in front of my son and talked to him for three minutes. It made his whole night. After Swisher hit the walk-off homer I asked him who his hero was and he shoutted “Soxman.” I’ve bought tickets to two more games o the season and I’m hoping my son gets to meet Soxman and Batboy again.

  80. paulmbanks says

    Yes, thank you very much for positng it on both! I appreciate it very much. so does Marcus (my boss at NBC) Good to have you here. And with the Sox and off the Cubs bandwagon

  81. Cano's Cards says

    anything Soxman touches turns to gold… that is truly a super-power

  82. Was once a cubs fan says

    For the record, the park is awesome but the soxman experience put my conversion over the top!

  83. Billy Blast says

    Nice to see all of the stories from fans of other teams. This was once something I HATE about Soxman thinking he needed to administer justice on all enemies of the Sox, but he truly represents a style of play many people could learn from.

  84. True dat!

  85. Please hide my e-mail. I typed it in the wrong place. :)

    Go White sox!

  86. That’s my hero! I love these stories!

  87. Soxman we could have used you yesterday!

  88. paulmbanks says

    My first Washington Times post about politics and Chicago is up.

    please leave a comment if you are so inclined

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