Chicken broth for the fantasy football conscience



Instead of giving you a rundown of each team’s successes and failures in the TSBFL, our coaches and GMs have opted to share their knowledge and advice for the upcoming week. Who needs one fantasy football expert when you have 10 team owners to help you? What better way to share your frustration over guys like LenDale White, Brandon Jacobs, and Sammy Morris.

Team Creepinfrbehind:

My advice for this week is when trying to pick up a running back or thinking about who to sub in for a bye week player, pick a running back that catches passes. Tim Hightower for my team has not rushed for over 100 yards yet this year (not even close) but has scored over 10 fantasy points in every game but one because he’s used in the passing game. Clinton Portis and Steven Jackson are similar players.sammy-morris

The Stafford Effect:

Advice No. 1: NEVER sit Drew Brees … unless Randy Moss is also going to score 30 fantasy points and you still win for the week.

Advice No. 2: Stay away from Sammy Morris. Any ass who fails to net JUST ONE fantasy point when his team scored 59 points is a fucking BUM!

Large, Oval Balls:

I have bad news for some owners, myself included in this group: If you have Brandon Jacobs on your team, he’s no longer a must start. I get it, you probably used a high pick on him — for me, I’d never had Jacobs on a team, and he was a mid-second round pick for me, which I thought, at the time, was a steal.

At this point, however, the Giants seem content to continue handing the ball to Ahmad Bradshaw — and who can blame them? Bradshaw has turned out to be a real-life force, not just a fantasy hero. Perhaps what we will see is that the Giants are just saving Jacobs for later in the year, in colder weather, when a bruising, pounding back like Jacobs really can really make some teams fall apart.

For now, however, as long as you have a viable option who’s name isn’t “Rotting Cadaver,” you shouldn’t feel as though you have to start Jacobs on a weekly basis. Hell, matchup-starts haven’t even worked with Jacobs, as he turned in abysmal performances against both the Buccaneers and the Raiders.

Just stash him away for a while and see what happens. You might even miss his breakout week — that’s ok. It’s better than continually getting burned by his 4 or 6 point outings week after week after week.

fargasFREE PLAX:

Well I am trying to make it a full season with Plaxico Burress on the bench and so far 5-1 is pretty good. This week I’ve run into some bumps as my top player Maurice Jones-Drew faces a bye week. I’ve picked up Justin Fargas after finding out that Darren McFadden will be out another week. My hope is that Fargas can at least find 50 yards and a touchdown somewhere in his system. Sorry for owners that also have MJD on the bye week, all you can hope at this point is you’ve won enough games you can afford a loss here!

I’ll continue to ride the shoulders of Matt Schaub and hope that Anquan Boldin plays this weekend. Mike Bell actually might see a start after being the goal line guy for New Orleans last week. We’ll see how this week goes for FREE PLAX!

Team Penetration:

If you’re anything like me, you’re stuck in the uniquely exciting position of being unable to bench Steve Smith or Roy Williams for fear that they may decide to finally reach double digit points in one week. And as big of a Wisconsin homer as I can be, I’m about fed up with Lee Evans, but I wouldn’t sit him just yet. His best game of the season was last week when, coincidentally, Trent Edwards was knocked out of the game. If Ryan Fitzpatrick is quarterbacking Buffalo this week, play Evans. I would also advise against Chris Cooley, mostly because that three touchdown game was a long time ago. All I can say is thank god Michael Turner is just getting going, because LenDale White is less useful than Plaxico Burress.

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