Cheerleading Coach Fired for Working at Florida Hooters?



A 24-year-old Hooters employee named Nicole Zivich (she’s the one on the right in both pics) claims she was unfairly terminated from her gig as Estero High School’s varsity cheerleading coach.

According to WTSP News in Tampa, Fla, the school gave her no reason when she was dismissed November 21st.

Zivich’s personnel file at the school shows no wrongdoing or malfeasance.



Zivich said she believes her firing was prompted by repeated complaints made to the school district by a parent of one of the cheerleaders.

“I think it’s personal. I think she doesn’t like me,” said Zivich, who would not reveal the parent’s name. “She has called me (a) noneducated Hooters girl with no common sense of safety.”

Zivich said the parent did not approve of how the cheerleaders did stunts without mats and of a car wash fundraiser where some of the girls wore bikini tops.

Zivich said the cheerleaders were not required to wear bikini tops; or t-shirts for that matter. It was up to them. The firing especially stings for Nicole, because the school is her alma mater where she cheered all four years and her acquired the position through legacy/nepotism.

Zivich started out as JV Cheerleader coach, but inherited the varsity position after her Mom retired. At the Nov. 22 school board meeting, more than a dozen cheerleaders spoke out in support of Zivich and pleaded for her reinstatement. Zivich is considering taking legal action against the school district.

Joe Donzelli, a spokesman for the Lee County School District, said her firing did not have to do with her outside employment. He declined to comment further because, he said, it’s a personnel issue.

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  1. She is the perfect role model for cheerleaders. Her kids can look up to her for achieving the highest goal one can aspire to with cheerleading experience.

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