CC a Big Hit–Literally



By Trenni Kusnierek

When youʼve been a Milwaukee Brewers fan your entire life, trade rumors never cause much of a stir. In the franchiseʼs not so storied past, the team has usually been sellers much more often than buyers. That’s why there was an air of tempered excitement in the great city on the shore of a Great Lake early last week as word began to leak that CC Sabathia, the reigning AL Cy Young award winner was coming to Brew town. Once the official announcement was made at 11:00am on Monday, July 7th–the proverbial stuff hit the fan.

The Brewers ended up making a pretty fair deal–even if it is for a “rent-a-player.” The team had to give up the power hitting Double-A star Matt LaPorta, left hander Zach Johnson, and Rob Bryoson to acquire Sabathia. There is also a player to be named later in the deal, and word is it may be Brewersʼ 2007 Minor League player of the year Taylor Green.

However, there is also a rumor floating around that the quality of the player to be named later will be based on how far the Brewers get–if they play at all–in the post season. Meaning if the Brewers make it to the World Series they will have to
give Cleveland a higher ranked player than if they donʼt qualify for the post season at all. The impact of Sabathia is resonating from the mound to the batters box and to the ticket office. In his first start as a Milwaukee Brewer, Sabathia struggled a bit with his control and gave up a season high five walks, but he contributed the command issues to the fact that he was trying to do to much in his debut. Sabathia still managed to throw a quality start against the Colorado Rockies, going six innings and only allowing two earned runs in the 7-3 Crew victory.


His second start was vintage Sabathia. After giving up two earned runs (both on the sac fly) and getting out of bases loaded jams, Sabathia settled in over the final six innings, striking out 9 and tossing a complete game. Oh, and the big guy also hit a solo home run. Yep, CC can hit as well. In his career, he now has three home runs and a batting average hovering around the .300 mark. However, what Sabathia brings to the mound is matched by what he means to both the guys in the club house and the city of Milwaukee. The Brewersʼ players are well aware of what it means to trade for a guy like Sabathia. It sent a clear message that this team wants to win now. There was a giddy atmosphere on the day that CC arrived in Milwaukee and an added swagger to an already confident team. Imagine if youʼre the Cubs or Cardinals and you look at the opposing pitching match ups for the Crew now. Sabathia and his high-90ʼs fastball, complemented by a nasty cutter…and then Ben Sheets and his 90+ fastball with a sick curve ball that leaves hitters wondering what happened!


Getting Sabathia does not ensure the Brewers a spot in the World Series, just like a hot start doesnʼt mean the Cubs will end their season in November. However, the move does make the Brewers a legit contender. No longer can Milwaukee be considered the “almost” team that does just enough to creep towards the line of .500. And Miller Park is no longer an easy place to win for opposing teams. The franchise is on pace to draw close to three million fans and had already sold out 20 games by the All-Star break. Not bad for a city Jay Mariotti referred to as “frumpy”. Funny coming from a guy who physically fits that specific description and hasn’t apparently seen our make over.


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  1. paulmbanks says

    So at my family party thinggee on Sat night, there was a couple who were big Brewers fans and said the Brewers broadcasting team likes to point out Trenni’s vast male fanbase. They said it’s an often discussed topic during Brew Crew broadcasts

  2. man, you have a lot of misspellings in your comment!!

  3. I still think the Brewers bullpen is way too shaky to make any noise. They should have done more to bring back Cordero. I just don’t think you can do much without a few good, reliable relievers. Oh and did anyone read Agent Zero’s comments about Milwaukee?

  4. paulmbanks says

    I fixed the comment mispellings. Weise, I happen to agree with you and could you post/send me the link to that?

  5. How come that Bleeding Cheese guy hasnt posted here yet?

  6. Rob Layton says

    I believe this is the Brewers year and C.C will lead them to the World Series. Trenni was in Pittsburgh for five years and she is missed there more than words can be full expressed. I stilll have a soft spot for her.

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