Can You Guess Where You’ll Find the Best Australian Racing Tip for 2017?



Whether you are new to the races, or perhaps new to Australia, it might be that you are up for a day at the races. Since there are so many really lovely racecourses around the country, you might want a bit of help learning how to place a bet. It really isn’t all that difficult, especially with a little help from technology, but just don’t pay too much attention to all those stories about people walking away with thousands.

It can happen, and sometimes does especially with a good bit of beginner’s luck, but isn’t likely without a bit of experience and a lot of help from technology. So where can you find the best Australian racing tip for 2017? The answer would lie in cyberspace.

Longshots Are Good but ‘Good’ Odds Are Better

Everyone, even seasoned followers of the races, dreams of winning that one really big longshot. That one where you bet $10 and walk away with a small fortune. That can happen and really does happen but even more importantly, you should learn what ‘good’ odds are.

Not to say that good odds are diametrically opposed to longshot odds, it’s just in the way they’ve been determined and calculated. Perhaps it might be better to say, good odds have solid math behind them and usually in the form of technological real-time calculations. What makes a horse a ‘favourite’ with the crowds doesn’t always compute the same way from a technological standpoint.

Learning to Keep up With the Odds

There was a time when you knew which horses would be running in which race based on the program you may have picked up the day or week before. However, there are always last minute changes to the program such as those times when a horse perhaps was injured during training or the jockey was unable to ride that day. Many professional horsemen have alternate jockeys but there are some horses that are literally bonded to their jockey and only do well with that one person in the saddle.

Yes, you can still get a printed, hardcopy program but these days we tend to follow the races online. Besides the fact that you can go to your local bookmaker and place a bet as well as when attending the races, changes cannot be made in print once that program has gone to press.

However, real time odds and changes in horses racing can be easily punched in online and so you have a better chance of keeping up with the odds. While the number 7 horse, for example, would have done well with the horse that had slotted to start from gate 5, that same #7 horse may not do well against the horse they slot in there once the other is pulled or disqualified.

It Takes Literally Years to Learn the Ropes

While anyone can learn to place a wager and there is even a Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies Cheat Sheet, that tells you simply how to place your bet and how to bet based on ‘traditionally calculated’ odds. Technology has so much more to offer and with the speed at which mathematical calculations can be completed, even complex permutations and statistical analyses, a computer program is often much more reliable than the head of a human, even though a human programmed the software.

Also, there are handy apps that you can download that give you real time analysis and betting odds right up to the moments leading to the race.

If you want the very best tip for 2017, it would be to find an app like one you can download from the bdbd betting site and you will have everything you know going up to the window to make that bet. You will know which horses are running, the odds at the moment in real time and also you will know a bit more about the racecourse, the horse, the jockey, the owner and other pertinent information that can help you make that wager.

Just don’t expect the big win right away. If it comes, great, if not, keep playing the odds. Sooner or later you’ll get it down and even if your win is only occasional, you’ll have so much fun trying. That, after all, is the best win of all – having a really good time.

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