BREAKING: Brett Favre Attempted to Contact Jenn Sterger Last Year



Like I said a week ago, the Jenn StergerBrett Favre NFL investigation into the sexting scandal is just getting warmed up. Usually, we as a nation lose interest in any story in about 7-10 days, but it appears this one is going to go all Tiger Woods on us. If you’re sick of it, well dig in because it’s going to outlast the usual media cycle.

If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, brace yourself, because the distractions are only just getting started.

According to the USA Today, posted just minutes ago:

Phil Reese, Jenn Sterger’s manager, told The Associated Press that Favre called Sterger last June. Reese declined comment when asked if there were multiple calls, but said Sterger did not answer the phone

The NFL is investigating the allegations against Favre and is attempting to speak with Sterger, who hasn’t decided yet whether she will talk to the league.

“We have an ongoing dialogue with the NFL,” Reese said. “What we’ve been talking about is having Jenn come in. Like I have said, she is strongly considering it. Ultimately this decision is hers and hers alone.”

Reese also said Saturday there has been no discussion “of any kind” with Favre’s camp.

Read the whole piece here

So there you go: all those rumors about Sterger’s silence being a product of a payoff are untrue. As for the two massage therapists that worked for the Jets, we’re still waiting to hear what they have to say.

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