Boy, That Escalated Quickly



By David K.

I feel a bit like a child whose parents out of nowhere just sat me down to tell me they were getting divorced and asked me which household I want to live with.  The father gave his reasons, trying to play the good guy, the peace-maker.  The mother, wanting to set the record straight, presents her rebuttal by blatantly calling her soon-to-be ex-husband a flat out liar.  The marriage that has produced so many great memories for the past 16 years is now ending with a gloves off, no holds barred, ugly divorce.

There is no clashing over who gets which car or which vacation home, or a certain amount of money.  At this point, it is a battle of pride and saving face.  Both sides are pointing fingers at each other, playing the blame game with a bevy of “he said, she said.”  And in the process, neither party is “winning,” only making the situation even worse.


Yes, the Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers saga has escalated quicker than the station versus station back alley brawl in Anchorman.  As Favre told Gretta van Susteren of Fox News, “it’s mind-boggling.”  Like Packer general manager Ted Thompson said in several interviews this past Saturday, “it’s gut-wrenching.”  In my opinion, it’s heart-breaking.

Favre only added fuel to the fire by telling his side of the story.  He dug his own grave and then buried himself in it when it comes to the possibility of his return to the Packer franchise.  In the process of doing so, he not only burned the bridge back to Green Bay, he threw his former bosses under the bus, rolled over them, put the bus in the reverse, and then finished off the job. 

There are two trains of thought as to what the Packers should do. 

1) Let Favre have his way as he has earned a lifetime “get out of jail free” card for pouring his heart and soul into the Green Bay franchise for the past 16 years.  It’s no secret that number four has earned saint status throughout Wisconsin and can do no harm in the hearts of most Packer backers.  Bring him back as the un-doubted starter or let him go to another team.

2) Hold strong on your stance to “move on” after Favre’s retirement.  Surprisingly, a good majority of Green Bay fans are sick and tired of Favre’s she-nannigans of hand-cuffing the organization and changing his mind on whether or not he has the total commitment to play the game of football.  Keep the keys in Aaron Rodgers’ hands and roll the dice that he doesn’t flop worse than Manu Ginobli.


So what resolution could possibly come out of this through the media bickering?  Thompson has made it clear that he has absolutely no intention of trading or releasing Favre, and would forever be known as the sheriff who ran the franchise’s greatest icon out of town if he did.  But before Favre tries to further force the hand of the Packers, he actually has to file league reinstatement papers officially declaring his comeback.

In my honest opinion, Brett Favre will never wear the green and gold of the Packers again.  I just do not see how Favre and Thompson could ever repair their now-beyond damaged personal relationship for the sake of a working relationship.  It’s just not going to happen.  The ship has sailed well beyond the point of damage control saving this marriage.

I think it’s fair to say that this saga has gotten messier than either Favre or the Packers would have ever imagined.  Now let’s see which side makes the next move in trying to earn my full love and support.


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  1. Jason Moe says

    I don’t even know what to think anymore…This is all crap…

    1. Brett make up your damn mind
    2. Thompson sucks C*CK for nickels
    3. With Rogers pack will be 10-6 make the playoffs then lose first round
    4. With Brett 12-4 a chance to make the superbowl
    5. With Jason Moe 9-7 wild card and will make it to the NFC championship
    6. Brett Stop Crying
    7. I love Dave K.
    8. Banks Is Dog
    9. Soxman is the Shiz
    10. Go WhiteSox

    Moe Diddy Out

  2. Jason Moe says

    Banks IS MY DOG…Sorry

  3. Jason Moe, I like your style. and agree with pretty much all your points

  4. rad article. favre’s the only good thing ever to come out of green bay. tough call… either way, bears are gonna be pretty damn bad but still sweep the pack : )

  5. David K. says

    Sarah- I have a lot of good friends from Green Bay so I resent your comment… not as much as I resent the fact that you think the Bears will sweep the Packers… Rodgers will own your Grossman/Orton/Will Furrer/Steve Stenstrom/Moses Moreno quarterback rotation… and just kidding about resenting your Green Bay comment… (and yes, I said Rodgers cuz Favre will never play in Green Bay again… EVER!)

  6. prowriter0923 says

    Great article! I love the lead…works nicely to start off the piece. I agree with everything you said. Favre has to learn that he made a decision and he has to stick to it. I think it’s disrespectful of him to keep doing this to a franchise that has been so good to him over the years. Yes he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history but that doesn’t entitle him to be treated any differently than anyone else in this world.

    Go Bears!

  7. Melissa W. says

    I feel so used. The divorce analogy was excellent. I’ve also heard the boyfriend who broke up with us and now wants us back so he can ride us one more season for his own selfish reasons analogy, too. Either way, he’s toying with our emotions. He’s actually counting on that, as well. Using his popularity to force a decision–any decision. Then he’s using the media as a self-marketing tool in Hattiesburg to show other teams how fit and QB-ready he is for another season. Sounds like he’s held the Packers hostage since shortly after his retirement and that first “itch” to come back that never materialized. And then his answer to the “Where are your Wranglers?” from Erin Andrews on the ESPY’s…honestly, it took him 10 seconds to realize he was supposed to say “this is a new line of Wranglers, really.” 10 seconds? C’mon…you had a chance to win me back there and you blew it. On the other hand, 10 points for J Timberlake on his numerous cracks all night. We were thinking it, he said it. At first, I thought you had written some of that content for the ESPY’s, David K., sounded an awful lot like you…and I know how you love JT.

  8. Peter Christian says

    If Thompson was smart (which I used to think he was, but now… not so much) he would take Brett back. The Packers are going to regress a bit this year with or without him, why not put Brett in the driver’s seat and let him take the heat for the Packers taking a step back?

  9. David K. says

    Because Thompson is a stubborn SOB and Rodgers is a free agent after the season and would certainly bolt if Brett came back because I’m sure he’s sick of the crap by now…

    One could argue that with Brohm in the mix, maybe letting Rodgers go wouldn’t be a terrible thing… Favre comes back for a year, maybe two… Brohm takes over Rodgers role as the under-study… Pack deal Rodgers during camp… I’m getting dizzy… must stop writing…

  10. Trenni K says

    As a fellow Packer Backer I am beyond over this saga. If I see the topic on the SportsCenter rundown, I turn the channel. I blame both parties for acting like ego maniacs. Thompson shouldn’t be so quick to disregard a legend, but a legend shouldn’t abuse his status. Both men have left me with a sick feeling in my stomach and have managed to take away all my excitement for the upcoming season. Nice work.

  11. paulmbanks says

    moe, I agree with most of the pts on your list.

    I also have to agree with Pete completely on what he said. The Pack had a nice surprising run last year surpassing expectations and that can only lead to disapointment from the fans this year. Not that I thik they are going to be awful, its just that expectations are inevitably going to higher and someone has to take the fall for those not being met

  12. paulmbanks says

    Welcome to the discussion board Trenni,

    I think you’ll like reading this one. I quoted a long passage from your blog in it too

    And one of your fans, a gentleman by the name of “Bleeding Cheese” posts here from time to time

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