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By Paul M. Banks and The Soxman

Soxy Cat Dolls

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. When my White Sox receive national press, I feel it’s my duty to post something, even though this “story” is a ridiculous non-story. A Chicago Cubune (whoops, I meant to say Tribune) poll showed that 84% of respondents thought it was “just boys being boys.” Who truly gives a flying rat’s-ass about ballplayers and pseudo-sexual customs in the locker room? The vernacular expression “locker room talk” is named that for just that reason. I agree with Jim Rome who said in his Wednesday show that MLB took 8 years to get moving on the steroid scandal, but wasted no time cracking down on the blow-up dolls “controversy.” Total waste of the sports media resources! It is often rumored in journalist circles that former Sox Cy Young winner “Black Jack” McDowell use to address the media (both male and female) in the locker room wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Isn’t that a bit more UN-P.C.?! Was McDowell’s public nudity ever a big story on ESPN? The only thing I have to say to the Sox is that they should watch this music video by French Disco House band Bel Amour. I remember watching this on the hotel room television in Europe after a night of partying. It’s a good song and video on the topic. It would be cool if music video channels in America actually played videos once in awhile too…we miss out on stuff like this.

–Paul M. Banks


Blow-up Dolls are a Lot of Hot Air
So the Sox have placed adult “blow-up dolls” in the clubhouse surrounded by team bats in explicit fashion.  The gimmick, called a slump buster, apparently was put together to help the White Sox snap out of a recent losing streak
Anyone in baseball knows that teams do strange and wild things to try and break slumps or to respect streaks.  A little known fact: Soxman has a Frank Thomas Jersey, when worn, it has a perfect 25-0 record.  It was worn under my costume through the entire 2005 World Series.  Do I believe the Thomas jersey has magical powers?  No, but I respect the streak.
This “doll issue” may be a little more questionable in regards to taste, but it was a closed clubhouse act and really is none of our business as fans. According to the Chicago Sun Times, one group not amused by the prank was the Association for Women in Sports Media, whose members work toward ensuring a non-threatening work environment for all women in sports media.
“The presence of those dolls creates an uncomfortable situation for any female journalist who enters the White Sox locker room simply trying to do her job,” said Jenni Carlson, the group’s president, in an e-mail.

–friendly neighborhood Soxman


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