Bjoerndalen or Fourcade: who’s better?


Biathlon is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Fans are attracted by the unpredictability of competitions, because in addition to skiing, accuracy is also very important for athletes. The Bet365 app allows you to not only bet on any athletes or teams but also to study the results of competitions. Every year, for 5-6 months, the Biathlon World Cup gives fans about 50 exciting races.

Talking about the legends of this sport, the list should definitely include the Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and the Frenchman Martin Fourcade. They both fantastic careers, and therefore many experts argue who was stronger. There is, of course, no definite answer. Indeed, Fourcade’s peak form came at a time when Bjoerndalen was completing active career. Given the different levels of competition, it’s difficult to come to an unambiguous conclusion. Thanks to the Bet365 application for Android and iOS, each client will be bale to place bet on biathlon races directly from the stands. After all, what else could be more exciting?

What made Bjoerndalen famous

The career of the Norwegian legend can truly be called a great one, because he gave biathlon 25 years of his life. Moreover, despite the deterioration of results in recent seasons, he still remained in the elite and sometimes competed with younger sportsmen. He confidently performed at both the World Cup stages and world championships. Talking about his main achievements, they include:

  • twenty-time World Championship winner;
  • eight-time Olympic Champion;
  • six-time winner of the Big Crystal Globe.

Naturally, we are only talking about gold medals. In his best years, other medals were considered a defeat for him. As a result, it is not surprising that he decided to marry another legendary biathlon, the Belarusian Daria Domracheva.

What Fourcade answered him

From the very beginning of his career, it was obvious that Martin Fourcade is a more talented sportsman than his older brother, Simon. From the very first seasons he began to dominate the World Cup, preventing his competitors from approaching the throne of the best athlete of the season. Azscore allows you to be the first to get information on more than 30 sports. A very useful app for those who cannot watch matches of their favourite teams live. As for Fourcade’s achievements, they include:

  • 5 victories at the Olympic Games;
  • 13 victories at the World Championships;
  • 7 large Crystal Globes (all of them won in a row);
  • 185 podiums in 320 races.

Talking about the Olympic Games and the World Championships, it may seem that the Frenchman was weaker than the Norwegian. However, having studied the Azscore statistics, you will come to a different conclusion. He was not ready to be the second, and therefore when another Norwegian, Johannes Bo, began to dominate him, he decided it was time to end his career.


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