Anti-Bracket Champions: People Who Didn’t Watch Friday Night Lights



It”s One Shining Moment for Peter Christian! His entry slaughtered mine 75.94% to 24.06% in the title game. Here’s his acceptance speech:

First and foremost, I’m proud that the People Who Didn’t Watch “Friday Night Lights” got their due as the douchiest entity of the past year. “FNL” was an excellent show and as much as a certain commenter thought that this group of people winning the Ty Cobb Regional was a “tongue-in-cheek” joke, it was a serious travesty that the show’s run was limited to only five seasons. I’m also really pleased that the FNL Ignorers prevailed over the Playing of “I’ve Got a Feeling” at Sporting Events.

As lame and overdone as that song is, the sheer number of people who didn’t watch Friday Night Lights was so large and the movement had gained so much momentum that the winner of the Kardashian Regional never had a chance.

Changing gears, I do need to call myself, Peter Christian, out for drastically underseeding the “FNL” Ignorers as an 11 seed and being forced into a play-in game scenario. In hindsight, that was a bad decision, I’ll be sure to look in a mirror and give my self a reprimand prior to the victory parade (a fine may be imposed as well).

Personally, I’m proud to be the first winner of the Anti-Bracket not named Paul M. Banks. Even though I’m not surprised (I mean, I authored The Call Outs, come on, I was born for this) it is a great honor (plus, it will really shine on my resume in the “accomplishments” section) to earn a victory in the Anti-Bracket tournament. That being said, I’m already looking forward to next year to defend the title as Anti-Bracket champion and as the number one overall seed.

To my competitors, I thank you for bringing your “A” game, but you’re going to have to wrestle this non-existent, fake trophy out of my cold dead hands. I’m going on a Wooden-esque run with this tournament, bitches.

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