All Eyez on Rodgers



By David K.

When 2Pac released his post-jail double-disc album on Death Row Records, it was appropriately titled All Eyez on Me.  2Pac had been locked up for eleven months and was shot and nearly killed just three months prior to that.   The entire hip-hop community was eagerly waiting to hear what Pac was about to unleash. 

His much anticipated release certainly didn’t disappoint as almost 600,000 copies were sold in the first week. Without question, it will go down as one of the greatest rap albums of all time.  “All Eyez” were on 2Pac and he not only rose to the challenge, but out-did all expectations.

Aaron Rodgers has never been shot, doesn’t have a tattoo reading “Thug Life” inked across his abs, and has probably never met a shorty who wants to be a thug.  But make no mistake about it; all eyez were on the new Packers quarterback in his NFL debut Monday night, and like 2 Pac, he not only rose to the challenge, he also out-did everyone’s expectations.

In a sense, Rodgers had been imprisoned during his first three seasons in Green Bay, being handcuffed behind the legend that is Brett Favre.  But when Favre announced his retirement on March 4th, the chains were removed from Rodgers’ wrists and he was set to roam free.  For a split second this off-season, it appeared imminent that the shackles would be put back on when Favre announced his intent to un-retire.  However, the Department of Corrections (a.k.a. the Packers management) decided that Rodgers would remain a free man and that Favre would be shipped to a different facility.

Like All Eyes on Me, Rodgers was a hit in his first week as leader of the Pack, completing 18 of 22 passes for 178 yards, and two touchdowns (one passing, one running) in Green Bay’s 24-19 win against the rival Vikings.  Rodgers brought something to the Packers offense that his predecessor did not, the ability to use his feet to make things happen.  He kept drives alive by scrambling for three first downs, and scored his first rushing TD in the NFL on a second-and-goal from the one, after failing to get in on first down.  Would the Pack ever call back-to-back QB sneaks on the one-yard line with Favre under center?  Doubtful.


Nobody should be more relieved than GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy who both ultimately put their careers in the hands of Rodgers.  Their decision to bid adieu to Favre and turn the future of the franchise over to Rodgers was not a very popular one at first.  But even the biggest Favre mark like me can’t help but be impressed by not only Rodgers’ performance on the field, but his seemingly unflappable demeanor off it.  Throughout all the chaos, mayhem, and drama this off-season in Green Bay, Rodgers has maintained a steady head, and that has carried over to the way he plays the game.

If Monday night was any indication of the future in Titletown, things once again look promising.  Another 13 wins and NFC Championship game appearance?  A lot still has to be proven before I can buy into that.  It was just one victory in a sixteen game schedule and though Rodgers showed off his potential to be a very productive signal caller in the league, he will need to show that consistency and longevity over an entire season.


For now, the critics and nay-sayers will ease off Rodgers and the Packers’ decision to deal the face of their franchise.  You can guarantee though, that one shaky performance will once again thrust “All Eyez” back on Rodgers.

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  1. Shorty!!

    “I dont want to rap no mo, I’m C.E.O.” –Murphy Lee

  2. Tight Article..I miss Brett alot, but Rodgers did really well. I think he will be finr the rest of the year. The only thing that will hurt him is being hurt anytime during the year. The packers have a young and good team, so everything will be fine. I do miss Favre tho.

    Dave you remember we wrote about 2pac in high school? Man, we were
    some awesome thugs.

    We ride together, We die togthere…Bad Boys 4 Life

    Moe Diddy Still Popping That Collar…OUT

  3. Hollywood Hogan says

    You know what brother??? I meant 2pac back in 1991 at Royal Rumble. That was there year that the warrior and I stood in the middle of the ring. I threw Mr. Perfect out of the ring. and yes I won.

    Whatcha going to do when Rodgers runs wild on you!!!

  4. How come Bleeding Cheese never posts on the Packers and Brwers stuff? only Soxman’s articles? I think he needs to come here and head for a steel cage death match with Jason Moe, back to you, Mean Gene Okerlund

  5. I can out drink Rodgers any day of the week

  6. Matt Saracen QB #1 says

    Tim, you carry the ball well for a guy who’s hungover all the time.

    Aaron Rodgers is QB#1 on the Green Bay depth chart now! I can relate to the pressure man, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. no guts, no glory

  7. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    But Kyle Orton can out drink both of you combined!

  8. Smash Williams says

    The Smash disagrees. cuz y’all know that the Smash is truly the focus of the team. Especially now since I’ve stopped taking Winstrol and HGH!

  9. 25-38, 328, 3 TD’s… dude can play

  10. C-Murder aka Chris Hellinga says

    Dave, job well done! A-Rod is the man, I have the jersey to prove it (true story). To add to the Rodgers love fest, he has looked great to this point. The transition has been so smooth, and more importantly he hasn’t put our defense in any bad situations..a la Fav**. (I had to sensor it because Moe would get mad if I said anything bad about the Jets QB) I’m obviously still interested to see how he plays when we get down, but im not opposed to him playing like this all year haha. With our solid D on a level playing field I like our chances. Sunday night is gonna be tough, but I think Aaron will be up to the challenge.

    Banks you know i had to put it down on my first post, SHORTY!!!

    He Gone, pick it up!!!! C-Murder

  11. Welcome to the game C-Murder! SHORTY!!!!!

    Gimme a SICA Chick! gimme a Crestwood trick

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