What happened to Alexandra Wallace (Racist YouTube UCLA Girl)?



You’ve probably heard of the racist “UCLA Girl” as she’s known, Alexandra Wallace. Back in 2011, she received death threats due to her moronic YouTube rant against Asian student cell phone usage in the school library. She did issue a public apology in the school newspaper, and later left UCLA. Making racist defamatory remarks slandering against Asians and Asian-Americans, especially in the wake of the Japan tsunami wasn’t so smart.

At least she smart enough to leave school. I don’t know why Alexandra Wallace keeps popping up in the search engines though, or why this post keeps coming back up. Alexandra Wallace comes off as someone with future stripper or Penthouse Pet written all over her. So what did happen to her?


Watching the video, and the house music remix of it featuring her vocals, you may ask yourself ” this was a political science major at UCLA? WTF?!” How can someone who wants to shape future policy be that clueless about current events at that time? How can they be that bigoted and culturally insensitive in this day and age?

How can one person be that much of a bimbo and magnify that offense further by insulting people with roots to a region suffering from a triple earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown catastrophe at that time?

And then be that stupid to post it publicly? We live in the matrix now. That’s our media world. Everything we do (on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) is now recorded and broadcasted; is you haven’t realized that by now…Social Darwinism will eventually cut you down to size.

At least Wallace has her bikini modeling career to make some bucks, because it’s probably going to be hard for her to get a job in public policy. But then again, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin have said some dumb things, and they made a career in politics.


But where is Alexandra Wallace today? I don’t know. Researching Alexandra Wallace yielded nothing.

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  1. slut

  2. I actually get curious about Alexandria Wallace every once in a while too! My present interest in finding out whatever happened to her was sparked because I recently showed it to my roommate who is an international student and had never heard of it before. We both laughed (because it’s just so ridiculous) and of course we were both somewhat offended (I’m Korean-American and she’s from Japan; not that Asians are the only ones who found the video offensive). And she was understandably upset, more-so than I was, at the Tsunami part, for obvious reasons.

    But, it’s sad that she ruined her life. Even if she doesn’t sound so smart, she must have shown some significant promise if she was accepted into UCLA. It’s especially surprising that she’s a poli-sci major; you would think she would have a little more awareness and a sense for political correctness (although when you put it in the context of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, it doesn’t seem so crazy after all). It doesn’t excuse her conduct, but I think it’s important to note that she was still somewhat young at that point. I can’t say I wish the BEST for her but I hope she sincerely learns why it was wrong and is able to get past it and live a fulfilling and productive life. Everyone makes mistakes and people have a natural instinct to generalize… it’s just that they usually don’t, in a definitive moment of stupidity, post it on the web for everyone to see.

  3. paulmbanks says

    Jessica, you make a lot of great points. No one should have to live with a scarlet letter their whole life.

    Of course, we live in the fish bowl now, every thing we tweet, facebook, comment on etc. is public for everyone to see. We all need to take caution. Or at least better caution than Wallace did. Because you’re right, she is at least “book smart.”

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  5. alexwall says

    If your truly interested you can find her in hiding… she now lives in the small town of Abilene, TX and can be found under her boyfriend profile Michael Adam Garcia..
    She has had a child out of wedlock and has a restraining order on the father… she is still the same and has not changed…
    It may not seem like her at first glance but remove the fake blonde hair for her natural ash brown… her fake tan for pale white skin.
    . And add about fifty pounds…the eyes are a dead on resemblance…

  6. The Truth Told says

    She was totally correct. STFU you are in a library!
    Sad she had to leave school because of her OPINION, liberals pretend like they are all for free speech until someone says something they don’t like, then they launch into death threats.

  7. No Jessica, with all the hate mail she surely received I’m pretty sure she hates asians even more than she did before this whole incident. She most likely blames all of us for “over reacting” and added to her existing stereotypes for asians by now thinking that we are weak and sensitive. The reality of the situation is that she was and most likely still is an overly privileges slutty bith that has never stepped foot outside our country and seen how other people of other cultures live. She most likely doesn’t understand her human history and how things got the way they did, why? Most likely because she’s white and privileged so these kinds of things never crossed her mind nor the minds of her most likely privileged parents.
    In the end is hard to hear. Though we a the majority of the world, we are not the majority of this country and we will always be reminded of that for the rest if our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. In my experience this is the way 80%of whites in this country feel. It’s just a part of life and I’m too tired of fighting it. My fists can literally no longer ouch a racist guys face, I’ve gotten too old to carry on the fight and I no longer wish to.

  8. America Is Crumbling says

    Basically her life was ruined because she was white. Every other race can mock whites however they want.

  9. Kevin, I couldn’t have said it better…..I, too, have given up the fight. Most whites think like this dumb bimbo, but aren’t stupid enough to share their racist thoughts.

  10. She ac

  11. She lives in Texas and is now on Food stamps

  12. Pretty sure that’s not her. This video came out in 2011 and this girl was born in 86, which means she would have graduated college in 08. It’s possible that she took a little later to get into school but even so that doesn’t look like her at all.

    Also, just because she went to UCLA doesn’t mean she’s actually bright (hence the video). I would bet her parents went there and she basically got in through association.

  13. I highly doubt the Alexandra Wallace on Facebook is the same person. She doesn’t look like the same person at all. The Alexandra Wallace on Facebook even has photos going back to April 2012 that look nothing like the UCLA Alexandra Wallace, which means she would have had to completely transform herself in a single year into a very different looking person. I doubt it.

  14. So, what’s new

  15. This is the worst clickbait article I have ever seen. “What happened to alexandra wallace” as a headline for people to click based on, then text of article is “I dont know, thanks for the hit dumby.”

  16. Truth Told says

    Jared Taylor, Special to AR News, March 21, 2011

    Dear Miss Wallace,

    Welcome to fame you never wanted.

    By my count, since you posted your YouTube video about Asians at UCLA on March 11–10 days ago–some six million people have watched it. You took it down two days later, but it went viral anyway. There are now scores of “replies” and “parodies” on YouTube, most of them vile, many of them obscene. National newspapers have held you up to ridicule, and UCLA’s vice chancellor for student affairs Janina Montero says she is “appalled and offended.” After a week of enduring what you say were “the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats and being ostracized from an entire community,” you have decided to drop out of UCLA.

    None of this would have happened if you had been caught stealing books from the library or cheating on an exam. It would not have happened even if you had been arrested for bank robbery or murder. In the times in which we live, what you did was far worse. You were “insensitive.”

    What exactly did you do? You said “hordes” of Asians attend UCLA. In fact, there are more Asian than white undergraduates–37 percent vs. 32 percent–so whites are a minority. They don’t call it “UCL Asian” for nothing. You said the number of Asians was “fine” with you but that if they were going to come to UCLA they should learn American manners. Specifically you said they should not use cell phones in the library, and you imitated how they talk. You also said that the families of Asian students come to cook and clean for them, so that Asian students never learn to “fend for themselves.” Tasteless, perhaps, but hardly shocking.

    I’m sure you feel you are being punished terribly for a trivial mistake–for something that might not even be a mistake at all. I’m sure you are bewildered and frightened, and I suspect no one in your circle can explain what is happening.

    Let me try. Perhaps it is beginning to dawn on you that your sin was not what you said but who you are. If you were black or Hispanic and made a mocking video about Asians no one would care. The Asians and others who have made video “replies” address you as “bitch” and say awful things about your appearance and imagined sex habits, but no one has criticized them. Many of them seem to be students. Is the administration “appalled and offended”? Have they received death threats? No.

    In 2005, Kamau Kambon, a black man who taught Africana studies at North Carolina State University said on C-SPAN that all whites should be exterminated. It caused hardly a ripple. Just last year, Professor Kent Wong of your very own UCLA urged non-whites to “become lawyers, and teachers, and doctors and members of the U.S. Senate [and] replace those old white men.” Was Vice Chancellor Montero “appalled.” No. But she is appalled at you. Why?

    Maybe Pearl Cleage can help you understand. She is a black poet and playwright, just the sort of person you might have had to read in high-school English. This is what she says about race:

    “In discussions of race between black people and white people the conscious black person is always right; is always the ultimate authority on questions having to do with race and racism; must always be regarded as the ‘injured party,’ or the oppressed. . . . [Whites] cannot possibly be expected to be objective about questions of race.” [Pearl Cleage, Deals With the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot (New York, Ballantine Books, 1993), p. 322.]

    That, italics and all, sums it up, and what Miss Cleage says about blacks applies to all non-whites. They are your moral superiors, and you must defer to them on the subject of race. In fact, it’s safer to defer to them on other things, too. You never know when disagreeing with a Hispanic could be “racism.” Non-whites, on the other hand, don’t have to be “sensitive.” They can mock you, insult you, imitate your accent, insist that you learn their manners, but you, Miss Wallace, are different. You must never do these things.

    And you must never, never, never notice that whites are outnumbered at UCLA. Next you might notice that whites are being outnumbered in the whole country–outnumbered by people whom your very own Professor Wong is urging to “replace those old white men.” You are not an old white man; you are a young white woman. Judging from the obscene “replies” on YouTube, the people who are replacing the old white men have different plans for you.

    None of this is fair, Miss Wallace. Just three minutes of what you thought was harmless video have changed your life. And what have you learned? The lesson Vice Chancellor Montero wants you to learn is the same one Pearl Cleage wants you to learn: that you are always wrong, always the oppressor. She wants you to apologize, hang your head, and be guilty all your life.

    I hope you learn different lessons. They are difficult lessons that will destroy your illusions, but the sooner you learn them the stronger you will be. You have already learned that when populations change, culture and behavior changes. I hope you will learn that as a white woman, as someone descended from the stock who built this country and established its institutions, you have the right to notice and care. If newcomers are changing this country in ways you don’t like, you have the right to say so. You have the right to want your country to remain part of the West rather than become a chaotic mix of conflicting peoples and cultures.

    I hope you learn that double standards about “sensitivity” are not just about tormenting one white woman and ignoring the vicious behavior of her non-white attackers. Those double standards mean that no white person may ever stand up for his own values and culture. They mean that non-whites may work for explicitly racial goals but whites may not. Ultimately, Miss Wallace, double standards that deny to whites what they permit to non-whites ensure that your people and your culture will be elbowed aside.

    These are difficult and painful truths. It often takes years to grasp them. But you will understand what has happened to you only if you can see through the lies and deceptions that distort everything you have ever been told about race. In the eyes of the people who are driving you off campus, your greatest sin, Miss Wallace, is that you are white.

  17. Dear every idiot in here: You attack racism with sexism and slut shaming. Nice.

  18. aaron ryan says

    Have any of you ever been to any university in
    southern California to even visit? This girl did mess up. But she’s 100% right. There are way way waaaay too many chink’s and gooks running around. You gave no idea. You have to see and hear it for yourself.

  19. Aaron Ryan, Heil Hitler, my Aryan Brother!

  20. She looks waaay better here than she did in that video. Photoshop?

  21. Jon Collins says

    This is bull shit. She did something wrong yes. But how come no one is getting on to the people that treated her like crap after she posted the video? Hypocrites like those bastards are the type of people that piss me off!!

  22. Jon Collins says

    You cant lie though she looks SMOKIN’ hot in that little swim though doesn’t she? If you woke up with her in your bed you would forget all about all that racist video!

  23. everyone who thinks this is a case of double standards, obviously don’t get why people where offended. What she said was racist yes, but people are used enough to hearing stupid people say such things. HOWEVER she also talked disrespectfully about the tsunami and that is something that you shouldn’t take lightly.

  24. TheNotoriousNOE says

    What happened to Alexandra Wallace?

    I read through this entire article just for the writer to finish with “I don’t know”

  25. Alex Ching Chong says

    She probably changed her identity, and moved to a small town. I wouldn’t doubt that the allegations of the death threats and family safety was a scheme to retain reputation.

  26. aaron Ryan Calling Asians chinks and gooks. Great job cracker. It’s not only Chinese moron. I find it that there are way way waaaaaaaaaaaay too many crackers running around on campus feeling superior.

  27. Alex Ching Chong you are a racist. Change your name that is offensive to Chinese.

  28. John Chang says

    Everyone is so touchy and sensitive. What happens when you’re in real trouble? She just spoke her mind but her life was ruined. How unfair is that?

    As for the article, in a nutshell: “What happened to Alexandra Wallace? Click here to see (you’re thinking…after all, someone wrote about it).
    Answer: “I don’t know”.

  29. YourHusband says

    I came across some information regarding her father, John Wallace. It includes his phone number. If anyone is interested, maybe give her dad a call and ask what she’s been up to the last few years.

  30. She is totally wrongg she can speak for herself but she can’t say that word ”ching chong ” that’s so ruude

  31. Anonymous Asian says

    You’re just as stupid and far more evil for posting abusive hate speech online harassing a specific person. The tables could just as easily turn on you with your style of thinking about how to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Paul M. Banks (if that’s your real name) could easily be considered equally thoughtless, immature, hateful and nasty due for publishing an article like this online. I look forward to the elimination of this brand of petty, nasty, thoughtless, hate-filled moralizing, using the internet to spread childish gossip when society begins to mature further with more intertwining of the internet with our daily lives.

    So what I’m saying is: you’re getting old. Kids grow up on the internet now. Authenticity is coming. Mistakes, including openly-performed mistakes in public, will soon have to be understood as an intrinsic part of a human being’s growth process.

  32. Anonymous Asian says

    And as an aside, I think that people who participate in internet shaming should face legal penalties for interfering with peoples’ tort rights.

  33. I hate when ANY race claim to be better or worse than others.

  34. Damien Swarthmore says

    Paul Banks – take some writing courses, or at least do a better job or proofreading.

  35. This Will Tick off the Chinks says

    Update found out that she married a multi-millionaire and they moved to some Mansion in the mountains of Colorado.

    Sounds like she won.

  36. This Will Tick off the Chinks says

    Update found out that she married a multi-millionaire and they moved to some Mansion in the mountains of Colorado.

    Sounds like she won.



  38. So strippers are racists and bigots? Maybe you should shut the fuck up, if it weren’t for strippers you wouldn’t have any action at all.

  39. I was reading through some of your blog posts on this site and I conceive this internet site is real informative! Continue posting.

  40. GuessSheGotLastLaugh says

    She married a Multi-Millionaire and has 2 kids.

  41. Loud Asian in Library says


  42. if i were her I’d sue who ever wrote this article and I would win for defamation and slander plus a cyber crime charge for saying all that derogatory stuff about her and personal hatred. I’d motion to have the person psychiatrically evaluated for Narcissism and anger issues. I didnt see anything said wrong that would require death threat’s and hose people should be arrested as well. Dumbass

  43. Dig Nick Bigger says

    Talk shit, get hit

  44. I hate how every time I wanna know what happened to this girl, I end up here, thinking that the author actually followed up on what became of her, and I can find out if she ever actually learned anything from this, or if she’s just a horrid, vapid person as she was back then. But I can’t. I have no doubt she fell into the safety net that protects folks like her–wealthy, privileged, able to walk away from their awful mistakes and pretend they never happened.

    This article feels like clickbait :(

  45. She married an Asian Man and living in China with two Eurasian kids.

  46. Anonymous says

    theres no fucking way. Do you have proof?

  47. There’s a reason why people lash out at one or the other, and why people are more willing to fight rather than sit and be civilized.
    It doesn’t matter who you are. We all have this imbedded in our code.
    We all are still in our primitive state of mind, and there’s nothing we can do about it except wait…we will never see the day when all races come together and live in harmony.
    We still have thousands of years of learning to do, before any of us are merged into one.
    Think I am wrong? Well, see you in a thousand or so.

  48. I came for the literally last paragraph only, but I liked the whole article :)

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