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By Paul M. Banks

I know this isn’t breaking news to a lot of people. And some of you may even say “for a website owner, you’re only discovering these videos NOW?” But I also know that many of my thousands of daily unique visitors haven’t seen ANY of these music videos yet.

These are so EFFING FUNNY! Seriously, most of them anyway. The Avril and Nirvana ones sucked, because they were done by some inferior wannabees. But most of them are just freaking hysterical

I’ll start out with my favorite one of all, Enrique Iglesias “Hero.” This one works on so many levels. First off, all of Enrique’s hit music was so RIDICULOUSLY melodramatic and filled with laughable attempts at seriousness to begin with, parodying seems to come natural. And it has Jennifer Love Hewitt, who looks as hot here as she did as Amanda Beckett in 1999’s “Can’t Hardly Wait,” a film that actually holds up very well ten years later.

I’m scared by the fact that my favorite local sports talk radio host said JLH “looks like a donkey” on Monday.

And then there’s Meatloaf. Again this video and song was so over-the-top to begin with I was wondering what they could do with it. But great comedians know well how to make the absurd out of the ordinary, or in this case, the mundane and regular from the odd and extreme.

And of course, the most popular one of them all, been viewed over 7 million times, the webby nominated Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” This one is pee in your pants funny.

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