A Night at the Ballpark with Soxman



By Paul M. Banks

During the weekend that America became engulfed by the force of nature that is the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight,” I spent two nights in the shadow of our local caped-crusader. Given that the city of Chicago plays the role of Gotham in the current record-setting summer event film, it’s fitting our hero represents a Chicago team. His name is Soxman. He made his first appearance at game one of the 2005 World Series, and his legion quickly grew. He is a fan of fans and simply appears from nowhere to boost the spirit of others who love the White Sox, to show Chicagoans everywhere which team’s fans are truly the most dedicated. While Soxman’s winning record is no longer perfect in games attended, he continues to cheer on his favorite team, while having an incredible 39-7 record since last year’s World Series!

I shadowed him from his traditional pre-game meal (which is always done out of costume) to the end of the night, noticing all the heads that turn as he slowly walks by. He articulated to me how scared he and his trusty sidekick Batboy were the first time they took this walk three years ago. The dynamic duo had no clue whether they would be ridiculed, insulted, jeered, cheered or applauded. The anxiety was worth it as today scores of people approach and request to have their photo taken with him. Basically, a night at the park with him is what happens if you breed Halloween with Soxfest. You experience all that is Sox Nation in the most gregarious of atmospheres. The hotties or “Soxybacks” as he calls them come forward, seeking to get their pictures in further circulation. I even saw one ask if they would sign her breast. The dynamic duo refused, instead signing her shoulder.


Game One: 80s Night

Making the rounds with the caped-crusader at the ballpark is the only way to truly acknowledge his celebrity. It’s like traveling to a historical site in another state. Sure, you can read about and see pictures, but until you walk in the exact same spaces where those people of legend have walked, you don’t quite get the full effect. I talked to so many people about this story that I was doing that I gave away all the NBC5 Street Team and SportsBank business cards in my pocket. When we collaborated on a Dark Knight themed White Sox article, it broke my site’s record for blog comments the first day!
This was the night that I began to truly appreciate the star power of his sidekick Batboy; who has his own little sub-legion within the legions of fans. Because this is 80s night, the scoreboard takes on graphics and fonts that look like they belong in a Max Headroom add or Atari video game cover. The fans get it on the spirit too (see picture below) and Soxman broke out the retro 1980s logo costume. Batboy is premiering his retro 80s get-up, and the end result looks something like a cross between Nacho Libre and James Brown’s cape from the “Blues Brothers.” 

Batboy wholeheartedly agrees with Soxman when he says, “The way people embrace the characters with a sense of celebrity is humbling. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people asking me for my autograph.” I’m amazed by the overwhelming effect they have on the U.S. Cellular Field crowd. Their friend (and on this day personal photographer) “Bobby Biceps” informs me that what I’ve witnessed is only a mild-average crowd response day. “Not even in the top quadrant of insanity,” Soxman says. He articulated more on his local celebrity status: “I’ll NEVER get used to U.S. Cellular staff asking us to leave so they can go home, or just seeing the word celebrity associated with the name Soxman.  The fans gave us that power.  With great power comes great responsibility: to never let them down.”


Sox Fan Notable Quotables:

Dozens of people in section 111 chanting “S-O-X-M-A-N…B-A-T-B-O-Y”

“IT’S SUPER HERO DAY!!!” –some drunk guy at gate 3

“You guys are just rarrrrhhhhh” –from a cougar who showed her claws during the growl portion of that statement in section 112

“You look like you guys don’t need a ticket” –a scalper on 35th street

“Are you the paparazzi or the bodyguards” –Fran Erikson who inquired as to what Soxman friend “Bobby Biceps” and I were doing as we walked with the dynamic duo in the outfield concourse.

“It’s the CAPED CRUSADER” –random Sox fan who later posted on the Dark Knight White Sox Exchange article

“Did you see the Dark Knight yet man? It was such an awesome movie!” –numerous people at U.S. Cellular Field that night

“You are the best dressed man in the park. You and your friend” –guy at outfield beer stand


Game Two: Mullet Night

For the following night’s game, Soxman donned a “mullet” atop his costume, and we partook in the pre-game “mullet march,” a fun chance to walk the perimeter of the field and get great views of the stadium from the playing surface. Did I mention that little kids are the demographic that seem to love Soxman the most? Makes sense given whom comic book superheroes appeal to the most.  Nine year old Alyssa Choksin, a season ticket holder just a couple rows from Soxman and Batboy, gives his sidekick a Twizzler every single game. And she knows quite a bit about baseball heroes. She’s received autographed memorabilia from Miquel Olivo and Mark Grudzielanek. Her father has pictures of both taking her onto the field before the game. When talking with her and her parents, she tells me, “You’re Batboy!” She is not the first one to think that on this evening because I’m using Batboy’s ticket for this game. (You can see the picture of me next to Batboy on a different page of this site if you still think I might be Soxman’s sidekick) I don’t think I’ve seen anyone sing the seventh inning stretch with as much fervor as nine year old Alyssa.

Earlier in the game, a pop fly ricocheted off the glove of the man who Soxman believes to be my celebrity look-alike, Kansas City Royals third baseman Alex Gordon. It then bounces off a fan in the first couple rows and ends up in the hands of Soxman. I’ve never had the person sitting next to me catch a foul ball, and I’ve been to hundreds of baseball games. He promptly gave it to four year old Matthew McLean, who was attending his first Sox game in the aisle across from us. 


 I asked the Soxman how his character came to life:
“During the start of the 2005 play-offs I bet a Cubs fan friend of mine that if the White sox made it to the World Series, I would do something to prove to the City of Chicago, and the world, that White Sox fans are the craziest around.”
Where he got the idea:
The Sox played Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” from Footloose a lot in 2005 when behind at games.  “One morning while in the shower, the song was in my head and I thought to myself: that’s it!”  After several sketches and a lot of shopping, the sock laden super-hero was born.
Soxman used the extra material from the costume to help create Batboy’s first outfit. I also asked him about the detractors, about how to answer people who think he just craves attention and to use that attention for personal gain.
“Take the time to really get to know the character.  Observe what we do and how we interact with fans.  Rain or shine, in extreme temperatures, Batboy and I dress. Personal gain goes right out the window because I donate anything I earn from the character to various charities.  I’d love to make a living doing Soxman, but as of right now, my other career pays the bills…LOL.”
I’ve done charity work with him for Heartland Blood Centers, and I asked him what doing philanthropy brings to his life…
“When you are blessed with a sense of celebrity simply for who you are, the least you can do is use that power for good.  The whole point of Soxman and Batboy is to bring something positive to people.  Doing charity work amplifies the good you can do.”

The excessive media access to Soxman only comes about because he’s been such a critical part of my webzine and its growth. He truly is my #3 and TheSportsBank.net executive Vice President. He shares my professional feelings for him. “I consider you the Super Hero’s insider at the press, you know the one that heroes befriend and give them the exclusives?  If you were a super hero, you’d be called: Sports Ace.”
Here you go…
Sports Ace is champion, a friend, and hero support to Soxman,
Spins the world wide web to catch your attention, and is a true Sox fan.
He practices grinder rules to the end, can recite them one to ten.
And brandishes only quick wit, and wields one mighty golden pen.
He polices the net for sports news and pontificates Sox woes,
And writes awesome articles that are enjoyed by 1000’s of average Joes.
Don’t forget pop culture, from Paris to that Lindsey Chic.
He’ll even comment on the Cubs, although it might make him sick.
He can write forever with stamina like a champion marathon jogger.
Look on the net, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s your friendly neighborhood blogger!
Welcome to the American League of Justice!

Join the Sox Super Friends! Soxman and the American League of Justice have posed for 100s of photos. If you have a photo with us or would like to post another sox photo to become a member of the Sox Super Friends please submit your photo to thesoxman72@yahoo.com.


Alyssa, Batboy’s Twizzler girl. The Royals gear is because of her friendship with Olivo

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  1. Paul, very well written article. Batboy and I can’t thank you enough for the postive press. We’re honored. To our fans: YOU MAKE US WHO WE ARE. Thank you for all of the positive feedback. We love you guys as well. High Five- SM

  2. Nikki Sixx says

    Soxman and Batboy are without a doubt two of the nicest guys and most down to earth celebs I’ve ever met. Soxman has the eyes of a super hero- my gosh are they a mystery many woman would like to solve!!!

  3. Well written chronicle of two of my favorite guys on the planet! They ALWAYS have time for their fans.

  4. Heidi Hot Sox says

    It’s about time someone chronicled these guys! Hey White Sox, when are you going to feature these guys in a commercial? It’s long over due. XOXO to Soxman and Batboy!

  5. Bleeding Cheese says

    That’s it. I MUST meet these guys. How cool is it to have something real to look up to? Keep up the good work guys. Awesome article Paul.

  6. The City is Safe or at least the Cell is safe with these guys around. Seriously, most people truly appreciate what you do. The other or just haters. I hope you never retire and I 2nd HS, some on Marketing team for the White Sox, do you see the line of people who want to meet these guys at games? I smell a commercial.

  7. Bat Bubba says

    I was just looking for Dark Knight stuff and I have to say…..Holy Shit are these guys ever frickin cool. Any chance you would ever make it out to Vegas for an 51’s game?

  8. An awesome article on two heroes the world is starting to know. I’d love to have soxman’s babies. He’s a dream!!! Aside from what you wrote. did you ever see him in the wheel chair section of US Cellular? He takes so much time with the challenged. He and batboy are the best…period.

  9. Fair Weather Heather says

    He’s twice given his tickets to families in need without any fanfare. As a matter of fact, he actually asked for me to to publish it. Great guys all the way around. I think Batboy is married.

  10. Meeting them in person is a bigger treat than seeing them on TV..and man are they ever on TV…a lot. Did Soxman really give a ball up to a kid? I could NEVER to that. Is he really as genuine as he seems?

  11. Joltin Joe says

    These guys add an element of passion to the park that has been missing for years. I second the commercial idea. No one could define the Sox fan more White Sox!

  12. Way to go guys. Most guys think these two are full of themselves but it is not the case at all. They have fun with it and really give a ton to the fans and the city of Chicago!

  13. Even one of Batman’s biggest enemies appreciates what the Soxman is all about. Good read.

  14. Jason Moe says

    Soxman, Can wait to meet you when we go to the Sox game..All those rumors are true about me..I’m kinda of a big deal in the SICA..ha

    Moe Diddy Runs The City!!! Out!!!

  15. Miller Light Gal says

    Soxman! It has been toooo long! Soxman and Batboy rule the city! Who the heck is Moe Diddy and what it SICA?

    In any event it is your favorite Miller Light Girl…glad to see your “spot light” has never stopped shinning. Great article on a great person. I miss you guys. Still in Cali!

  16. Batboys Babe says

    Fantastic article and is sexy as soxman is I’m glad to see my boy with the big buns, Batboy got some love by this article. The things I’d do to him!!!! Muah to both of you.

  17. Soxman sent my child an autographed picture when she was in the ER last season. I don’t care what anyone thinks, him and Batboy are awesome super fans and celebs without the drama. Thank guys

  18. While I understand the demographic this page is trying to reach, I would have liked to read more about the charity work Soxman does and hear more about the interaction with kids. I’ve seen Soxman in action and i know this is the main part of him, yet a woman exposing her breasts, and half-dressed woman are what gets the photo opps and lead in the article. Why is this?

  19. I want a night at the ballpark with MOEMAN!

  20. Sweet Sin says

    Very nice piece, almost as nice as the piece with the socks on his head! Thanks for doing what you do guys. all flirting aside, it is really something to see them ignore the flirtation of pretty girls to first say hello to children and people with disabilities. XOXO to these guys.

  21. Well done Soxman! I have to agree the commercial is a must. You should pitch it to the Sox Sports Ace.

  22. Grinder Ruthie says

    While most women could care less about a celebs groupies exposing themselves, everything else in this article is pretty darn amazing. They walk around like normal folks because the beleive they are normal folks. Nice to see two guys making it without thinking they are all that. The big question: Can Soxman pitch?

  23. Grinder Ruthie says

    P.S. Soxman I want an autograph!!!

  24. Neat article on the best kept…not so secret…cool guys in chi-town. Peace and JD for MVP.

  25. The Darkest Knight says

    Again amazing. My boy is whacked! Tell us something we don’t know! These guys rule.

  26. Soxman needs to come over to “The North Side of the Force.” I’ll give you Alfsonso and Woo Woo for him and Batboy. Super Heroes for a whiner and a Woo Woo. Fair Trade?

  27. paulmbanks says

    There are soem really awesome names in this comment section!

    Looks like this one will break the previous comment record too!

  28. paulmbanks says

    Sox Mom, I agree that I should have included a picture of the girl with the red licorice. I have one on the site’s myspace page and I will get that up pronto.

    re: your other pts. I didn’t exactly “lead” with the “sex sells” angle in this story, the main focus is on Soxman’s celebrity status and how he appeals to ALL demographics, sexpots as well as children. I’m certainly no fan of the “stripper effect” taking over our culture, I can send you some links to a couple pro-feminist pieces that I’ve published that are critical of raunch culture.

    And I did say that children, relating to kids are what he’s really about. In this piece and in numerous past pieces. I’m still waiting for the Soxman and Batboy to give me a for my 3 nieces and 4 nephews. They anxiously await it!

  29. paulmbanks says

    and in reference to his charity work, I’ve been instrumental to the work he’s done with Heartland Blood Centers and given back and served with them as well. I plan on expanding the Soxman story in my forthcoming book, and the service and philanthropy aspect is one component I know I will expand upon.

  30. Good points sir. I did not find the article to hit on the sex angle at all. If anything, Soxman gets points for turning the breast lady down. I know no male man at Wrigley would. I want him as Cubs man.

  31. I love it. Such a great article on a deserving duo. Great write up. Question: Where did Soxman get the rap skills he showed in the 9 mile post? Commercial coming anytime soon? I write him alll the time and he takes forever to respond

  32. Futbol Freak says

    Nice article on two very colorful celebs in Chicago. Like luchadors. Does Soxman or Batboy like soccer? I’d love to see them at a Fire game. Beckem should go back to Spain.

  33. Sarah Spain says

    Perhaps the experience of traveling in Soxman’s inner circle will make watching a White Sox game–in the hated Cell, no less–bearable. :)

  34. Place at the table!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Soxman Fan says

    Long overdue homage to a great bunch of guys. It is a fact of life lots of ladies hit on these guys, I think the reportter just told the story Sox mom. Soxman and Batboy I hope to get your ink next time I see ya.

  36. Soxman Fan says

    Soxman and Batboy are two guys a CFD man can be proud of! Great work.

  37. Ghost in the Machine says

    I thought I saw the Sox-signal while gallivanting the city last weekend. I now know why!

  38. Great article. I’ve seen Soxman and Batboy at numerous games and enjoyed them every time. They always take time out to honor the requests of all the fans who ask for a photo. Besides their fun times at the park they are great ambassadors for the Sox and do a lot of charity stuff. Rock on!


  39. Legal Eagle says

    I love the Soxman and have his Red Eye cover story framed on my wall! Great stuff. A prize in my book.

  40. Red Sox Guy says

    A Red Sox Fan first but I truly love what a freak these two are. It’s awesome to see the city embrace passion in people. Soxman is pretty smart as well when it comes to baseball.

  41. John Hancok says

    Amazing article. Like most I thought these guys were a bunch of show boats just craving attention. I must admit in seeing them at games they work it hard. I respect them more than ever after I saw Soxman give the ball to the kid on Saturday.

  42. John Hancok says

    P.S. as a fellow man who could stand to lose a few pounds, I don’t know how Batboy keeps ups with the svelt Soxman. He must do a lot of cardio.

  43. Hottest Guys around…period. The mystery, intensity, and genorosity of these guys makes me warm inside. Are they single? LOL. Would love to get wrapped in his socks.

  44. P.S. How about a dynamic trio–I love bigger guys as well BB.

  45. Cubby Jen says

    I’m a Cubs fan to the end but I must admit these two have grown on me as well. Great article and nice to see 2 of Chicago’s own getting some positive press. MLB players could learn a thing or two from these guys.

  46. Sweet on Soxman says

    I’m honored to be called a Soxyback! But It is Soxman who brought Sexyback. There is nothing wrong with a guy who is fly and good with the kids. I love you and Batboy. Hugs and High fives as Soxman always says…

  47. I want to have Soxman’s babies…PERIOD. Such great guys.

  48. You guys are the best. Very humble people in person as well. You couldn’t ask for 2 better guys to look up to kids! Awesome.

  49. Soxman and Batboy are !@#$ing cool man… says the Wizard of Oz!

  50. the prophet says

    anybody know the maintenance contract for the batmobile?

  51. Peter Christian says

    Was I the only person over the last week to be watching “The Dark Knight” and think to myself, “I wonder if Soxman is going to get carbon-flex titanium plating for his new suit?”

  52. Awesome article and great point Mr. Christian. Seriously, these guys are top grade in my book. I remember a line of people in the bleachers last year to meet them and security had to come help out!

  53. Ya Ya Sox Sisterhood says

    The funniest soxman memory. He’s posing for a pic with me and Batboy and a cop looking very stern points to him in full uniform and calls him over. He says “NOW!” Soxman looked like he was ready to stain his socks. The cop wanted him to pose for pictures and sign stuff for his family who was at the game! I laughed till I…Pd

  54. paulmbanks says

    Did someone here really ask “what is SICA?” I have work to do in publicizing that much more!

    Good to see the Boston and Red Sox people coming to support Soxman too! his legend is indeed growing all over

  55. paulmbanks says

    Ozzie, so f@##in good to %&**ing have you up in this @@#$%%^

  56. paulmbanks says

    Thank you for all the compliments! I just realized what a crime it is that a documentary has been made about Ronnie Woo Woo, but none on Soxman

  57. paulmbanks says

    good point Pete

  58. Not to sound like the 60’s Batman but Holy Pontification of Poetic Praise Soxman Fans! Batboy and I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy lives to comment on these articles. The overwhelming support you have shown to Batboy and I across all age demographics is second to none. This character is like a dream for the man behind the mask.

    While time will tell where we go next, our focus right now is cheering the Sox onto another title first and foremost.

    High Five!


  59. Bleeding Cheese says

    Wow! Great comments everyone. I love this site. Soxman, you need to post another article. Your fans are waiting!

  60. Bleeding CHeese says

    I’m ready for the documentary.

    Heidi Hot Sox, I’m all for the documentary, how bout you? You could star in it.

    sorry for my fat fingers. PLEASE don’t ban me from the site. It was an honest mistake.

    Cheese (Al)

  61. Bleeding Cheese says

    Ignore that last post please. I was trying to make a comment to Heidi Hot Sox about the documentary and tabed too quickly. I was not trying to act like her. Sorry Sportsbank!

  62. Mary Mary says

    Soxman gave me a smooch at Game II of the World Series in 2005. It was a cheek job but I’ll take it. He and Batboy are really fun to be around at games. Nothing but L 4 ya!

  63. Grinder Guy says

    Pop! What a great story. Soxman and Batboy must get tired from signing and posing. We better see you at the Cell during the play-off stretch run!

  64. Grinder Guy says

    Grinder Rule# 101: Soxman and Batboy Rule

  65. Grinder Guy says

    Grinder Rule 102: Who needs bats when we have Soxmen?

  66. There are none better at the ballpark than these two. Even on the RARE occassion when someone gives them grief at games, they stay positive and display an energy I wish I still had. Thanks for the smiles.

  67. Can Soxman play football? We might need a WR if Hester holds out the season. Great article once again. How about Batboy or Paul Banks?

  68. Awesome guys. You blew up big time without Bobby Jenks bringing the Boom. Good to see you are getting your reward. The best fans around.

  69. Love the pic of the little girl. Soxman and Batboy truly are heroes to people of all shapes and sizes.

  70. Soxman! My gothic looking hero! Awesome. I still hold out hope that I can feel your arms around me at a game this season. Alas you are NEVER there when I am. Love you guys.

  71. Blog Boy says

    Soxman and Batboy really deserve all of the praise they are getting here. Soxman’s site is the PLACE for White Sox fans to get Sox news. He also actually answers his mail! Batboy does as well. What other celebs do that?

  72. Blog Boy says

    Another thought. Soxman and Batboy should be in one of those Sox “show us your signs commercials” After all Fox called him the biggest fans in Chicago next to Daley anf he was in a commercial. Do it up Sox! They represent us!

  73. Nikki Sixx says

    Amazing that all of these people feel the exact same way I do about these guys. A wonderful homage to two REAL men.

  74. Nikki Sixx says

    PS HUGS N KISSES guys!!!!!!!

  75. I love this article. I told you a while ago how great Soxman was. Hopefully you locked him into a long-term deal on the cheap like Kenny did with Alexei. Soxman would never pull a Hester would he? Batboy you met my nephew last Friday. He calls you soxman’s best friend…

  76. Soxman's Gal says

    Great work! I love these guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. XOXO.

  77. Kid Quick says

    Great find sportsbank. I used to think Soxman and Batboy were a freak show until I see the way they interact with their fans. Unlike Paris Hilton and other trash that thinks they are all that, Soxman earned this with all of the hard work he does. Good story. Sorry to those who this offends but I would have signed the breast. If he’s not getting paid…he should get paid. ;)

  78. Future Sox Gal says

    When you flirt with soxman at a game it is easy to get him to blush. It makes him all the more sexy. I heard Batboy was married so hands off ladies!!! I know it might mean a bigger challenge for some but he seems pretty solid and honest. I love you both.

  79. Just a quick note. Fun story about two pretty good guys. My kids met Soxman outside the park at a Halloween thing he was a celebrity judge at. He said his favorite super hero was Spiderman. Anyone know why?

  80. paulmbanks says

    “Unlike Paris Hilton and other trash that thinks they are all that, Soxman earned this with all of the hard work he does.” Great comment. love it!

  81. paulmbanks says

    Soxman says he relates to Peter Parker/Spiderman because Parker is more of a dork than Bruce Wayne. Batman’s alter ego is a billionaire playboy which so very few of us can relate to…SM, correct me if I’m wrong on this analogy?

  82. Interesting explanation. Soxman you post responses as well? Awesome! Good win tonight.

  83. The Sox Knight says

    Good story. Liked me here from the NBC site. So is this where Soxman’s American League of Justice resides? Why so serious??? Heeee hoooo ha ha.

    Sorry, the joker is growing on me. Fun guys. Hope to meet them soon.

  84. Well my friends and I might have been dreaming but I think we saw two guys who looked just like Soxman and Batboy unmasked in the parking lot of the theater in Woodridge with Batman on IMAX! We sat looking at them in our van for a couple of minutes but were afraid to ask. If it was them, I can only say one thing. The man behind the mask is pretty built! Hot as well.

  85. The Spinner says

    Great article on two guys that are “Thumbs” up in my book.

  86. paulmbanks says

    What did everyone think of the Dark Knight in relation to the other Batman films? How would rank the movies from first to worst? This is my opinion of how the films stack up..

    W-L GB
    Dark Knight 99-63 —
    Batman Begins 91-71 8
    Batman 88-74 11
    Batman Forever 83-79 16
    Batman Returns 80-82 19
    Batman & Robin 69-93 30

  87. Soxman's Gal says

    I’d rather predict how a Soxman movie would stack up! HOT like the man. a perfect box office champ I think!!! WOOOOOO

  88. Soxman's Gal says

    I don’t understand what your numbers mean next to the comment.

  89. Soxman's Gal says

    The Dark Knight was the best of the bunch followed by the original Batman with Mr. Mom.

  90. WOW! My hands honestly are trembling as I type this at the thought that this article has received so much positive attention. Soxman and Batboy were born as a way to show the world that Sox fans are the best in the world and your praise and support has made it all worthwhile.

    I have news for all of you. Every positive compliment you have offered us is a reflection of you, because you have made us what we are.

    While Batboy and I will never feel comfortable hearing words like celebrity, ambassadors, or heroes to describe us, we thank you our fans…THE GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Thankyou! High Five-SM

  91. As for the series of questions I’ve read on here:

    I identify with Peter Parker more because of his background as Paul said and because he was kind of a shy nerd type who evolved into his personality.

    Who would play us in a movie? I leave that to you the fans. LOL

    I can’t pitch worth a darn..although I was compared to Scott Radinsky when I did. When I had control…look out. Bodybuilding gave way to pitching…LOL.

    I’m kinda fast I guess.

    I think I got them all.

    High Five! SM

  92. Soxy Sheri says

    Fantastic Article on two great guys! There are none better to represent the true south side fan.

  93. Batboy’s babe says

    Have to agree, the soxman and Batboy moving would be number one before it is even made. I get dibs on Batboy’s love interest!!!

  94. paulmbanks says

    I am honored to be mentioned on Soxman’s Wikipedia page as Sports Ace, member of the American League of Justice…which itself is a pretty cool name!

  95. paulmbanks says

    Whats Sarah Spain’s name in the ALOJ? Of course, she’s like Dave, a Cubs fan, so she cant really be in the American League of Justice…whats the coutnerpart? is Seymour Pennants in the Legion of Doom

  96. Jason Moe says

    OK EVERYONE……I Will Play Sox Man…..

    It will be Legend..Wait For It…..DARY….LEGENDARY

    Moe Diddy Out

  97. DC comics might have a legal problem with it, but Poison Ivy works on a number of levels…

  98. Moe I’m honored that you would want to play Soxman.

  99. paulmbanks says

    I’m taking comment #100 all for myself!

    break out the champagne and party favors, noise makers 100 COMMENTS!!!! WOO-WHO!!!

  100. Jason Moe says

    Jason Moe has been locked to play Soxman….The movie will come out summer of 2009…

    I hope to get Soxwomen in this one???

    Diddy Out

  101. paulmbanks says


  102. Myspace mike says

    Great article. Soxman and Batboy need to keep the magic going!

  103. Awesome article. Here from Soxman’s myspace blog. Great stuff!

  104. Wow- I thought Soxman was popular on myspace. No wonder he takes forever to catch up on his e-mail!

  105. Great piece dude! This is a nice site as well. Soxman is a great guy you were lucky to sign him.

  106. Awesome article on my number one myspace friends! You guys totally are cool. Very well done and bravo.

  107. Mullet Kelly says

    Just read this article again. I love you Soxman. Will you be my myspace husband? LOL

  108. Soxy Sheri says

    commented before but after Soxman’s myspace blog I had to read this again. U nailed it Banks. It describes my man to a T.

  109. The Gooch says

    Soxman rules myspace and now NBC.

    Good job and very fun article.

  110. Wow- what a fun article. Soxman I hope to meet you in person one day myself. Great job.

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