What is Computer Games Streaming? 


Computer games have become true culture, entertainment, and art and the number of active players keeps on growing. Hundreds of high-quality projects with fantastic graphics and game opportunities are released, but not all players can enjoy the game. 

Some gamers are busy with studies or work, some of them have a weak computer or do not want to buy an expensive game. The perfect decision of such problems is to watch streams with passing a game which is interesting for you as you need only a computer or a smartphone for it. 

Streaming is a live broadcast of the gaming process with comments. Hosts of such broadcasts are called streamers and their task is to pass the game and to communicate with viewers.

The most popular and comfortable service for organizing and watching broadcasts is Twitch. This platform offers a stable work of servers, convenient interface for the hosts and viewers, subscription and chat functions. To watch any stream, you need to go to the page of the broadcast, and if you want, you can make your own profile and subscribe to the channel you like. 

Start and setting of their own stream is a more difficult task, here you need to use special programs, equipment, and recommendations of experienced streamers. Authors of interesting and high-quality broadcasts can get an income from donats and subscription systems, turning their hobby into a real job with good payment.

Streaming is available also on a massive platform, Youtube, which is the best option for authors of ready-made channels with a certain amount of subscribers. There is no good sorting of broadcasts and the biggest part of the audience comes for watching videos recorded in advance. 

There are many analogous services that offer different conditions of streaming and rules of content monetization. We can pay special attention to such sites as GoodGame, Mixer and recently opened WASD. Truly interesting, clever and cheerful streamers can shoot a way up on any platform becoming popular.

Watching streams has become a convenient way for getting acquainted with the game and finding soulmates that like playing a certain game. Chat helps us to find friends or players for common adventures. Jaw-dropping cost or high system requirements can scare gamers away and watching how other people pass a game can help you to discover all peculiarities of the game and think about its purchase.


The majority of profile sites has a function of automatic recording of the broadcasting so the completed passing will be available after the stream. This approach lets the authors save time and expenses on editing and the viewers can watch the history of streams.

Popularity and demand for online broadcasts are only increasing and major organizers create their own channels for watch esports championships or various shows. Streams are becoming a more and more relevant and convenient formats for creating and watching esports championships game, entertaining and social content.  

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