Streamers Cry Foul After Losing To Cheaters In Call Of Duty In Warzone


After its release in March 2020 in different platforms like Xbox, Ps4, and PC, CoD: Warzone has already become an acclaimed franchise. The game portrays multiple features like plundering, scurrying in the map to collect cash, and realism modes where the player has limited huds, and more headshot damage is inflicted. However, the most exciting feature of COD: Warzone is the battle royale mode where you have to play your game in an arena with more than 150 other players. Such battlegrounds experience some intense grueling actions, where no player will show any mercy to others.  

Winning a battle royale is not an easy accomplishment. Fighting against 150 other players is an uphill task, and in such a scenario, having any advantage over your peers counts a lot in the game. Several players stream the game online, but mostly end up on the losing side due to the lack of these advantages. However, losers will always cry foul, but will not consider using the hacks that can make them win. If you aim to win these games, it is always beneficial to consider these hacks and show other players the boss of the game. 


The aimbot hack is essential since it will enable you to have an instakill solution. The aiming and firing will be done automatically for you. With this hack, you can perform headshots effortlessly, and you can focus more on collecting the loot across different stages. This hack can predict the enemies’ velocity so that you can target them even when they are moving. If you can club a silent aiming option with this feature, you can get rid of your enemies without getting discovered by others. Your enemies will surely go down regardless of their equipment or health status. Other hacks like an auto headshot, recoil, and auto-switching can also be used along with this warzone hack to be on your quest to win the game.  

Esp and Wallhack 

If you have the option of looking through objects and understanding the layout, no enemy can hide. Moreover, if you can control your enemy’s color, you can easily make out the different weapons your enemy is carrying. With this hack, you can also find out useful items like supply crates. The warzone radar hack will provide you all the beneficial information that you need to win the game and can be used along with this hack. 

With these essential warzone hacks, you will always have the upper hand over your enemies. You can have warzone trigger bots easily. You can also track your enemies all the time with the radar hack and check on the weapons they carry. You no longer need to focus on the enemies since aimbot does the job for you. When all your enemies are busy hiding from you, you will concentrate on winning the game. Losers will always cry foul, but everyone remembers the winner, no matter how they win it.  

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  1. Encouraging people to cheat in a game where people spend a lot of money instead of learning to get good. You really are a piece of sub human scum.

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