CS:GO Betting: How to Join One of eSports Tournaments?



CS:GO has been around for almost a decade. It has developed a thriving professional scene represented by lots of tournaments. All of them provide players and viewers with spectacles, competitive opportunities, betting odds, and so on.

If you’re a devoted CS:GO player, you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities exist to prove your skills and make a profit. If you’re a fan of CS:GO, you will enjoy watching events and discover how much action this eSport has to offer. Feel free to check out CS GO tournament schedule to find an upcoming event to join.

Start the CS:GO Competition

The competitive mode is where the actual action happens. It requires a certain level of experience, so you need to work hard for it. This mode also has a ranking system that differs from the account experience. Overall, there are 18 different ranks to fight for. The Global Elite rank is considered to be the most prestigious one. Today there’s less than 1% of the player base that has obtained this rank.

Once you join one of the CS:GO tournaments, you will have to turn on a competitive mood. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect. Serious gameplay required real investments. So, you will have to prepare yourself for the competition properly. Check the information about the other teams taking part in the tournament and analyze the recent statistics. This will help you make more accurate predictions in the future. Along with good teamwork and knowledge of each others’ CS:GO styles, you will definitely advance in the game further.

Top CS:GO Tournaments to Consider

The world of CS:GO is pretty competitive. Once you become part of it, you will have a lot of opportunities in front of you. Here are some of them:

StarSeries & i League

The StarSeries & i League tournaments have become the result of joint efforts by the Starladder and ImbaTV organizations. They were conducted two times in 2016, two times in 2017, and four times in 2018. The visual presentation is the major feature of tournament that attracts viewers from all over the world.

The StarSeries & i League tournaments usually last up to eight days which makes up the gaming season. This is long enough to enjoy excitement for players and viewers.


The ESL One is a series of international tournaments that takes place two or three times a year. It constantly changes its location for more convenience.

The ESL One tournaments are organized by ESL, an organizer of many eSports events. They always feature a friendly yet competitive environment. With a prize pool ranging from -$300,000 to $400,000, The ESL One has become one of the most popular events among competitors.


CS:GO Major Championships

CS:GO Major Championships are the most famous tournament supported by Valve and the various international leagues. These tournaments have the highest level of importance due to their massive prize pool of up to one billion dollars and immense organization expenses.

CS:GO Major Championships are the most exciting and wild events for viewers. They are considered to be the most nerve-racking for the competitors.

Picking the Best CS:GO Event for eSports Betting

As there are more and more CS:GO betting sites appearing each day, you should find it difficult to find a bookie providing odds on the selected chosen CS:GO event.

Obviously, it’s the major CS:GO tournaments that are most likely to be featured in the odds at a bookie’s website. While more and more bookies concentrate on one specific CS:GO match, then you can quickly compare the odds. Eventually, you can get a maximum possible profit from your CS:GO bets.

Without taking part in smaller CS:GO competitions, the biggest eSports tournaments can also give you pretty attractive odds. You just need to check them thoroughly in advance.

Tip for Finding the CS:GO Tournaments in 2022

Believe it or not, it’s relatively simple to follow the top CS:GO tournaments. If you’re in the search for the most reasonable terms and conditions, feel free to check IEM and BLAST in addition to the above tournaments. You won’t regret your choice. These happen to be the hottest CS:GO tournaments in the world, as they boast the biggest prize pools. Generally, there are countless opportunities for CS:GO betting organized throughout the year.

All you need to do is join an upcoming event, enjoy the game, and win a couple of bets.

Bottom Line

Thanks to the sheer quantity of tournaments in CS:GO, players are free to make the right choice. From the much-loved CS Summit, it seems that every year has a massive new competition to demonstrate the best in CS:GO gaming.

Keeping track of your favorite CS:GO teams isn’t as hard as it seems. You can follow the latest news from the exciting gaming events whenever you feel like it.

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