May 21st 2011: ARMAGEDDON, Alison Brie, Kirsten Dunst’s Face


So if you’re reading this, I guess the Rapture wasn’t really coming today after all. Or maybe it’s actually later on May 21st, 2011. Or maybe the end of days has already happened and this never actually made it to publication. Either way, it’s been a pleasure delivering news and entertaining you. See ya in the next life!

-From Yahoo:

“A new theory that Judgment Day is coming this Saturday has certainly generated lots of media attention, but done little to convince many Americans, including most evangelical Christians.

Some of those skeptical of the prophecy are planning on celebrating Saturday with tongue-in-cheek “rapture parties,” LiveScience reports. Tacoma, Wash., non-believer Paul Case told the Seattle Times that he wants to celebrate on Saturday because if the Rapture does happen, and all Christians are lifted to heaven, “we know as atheists, we’re not going.”

The theory that the “Rapture“–or Judgment Day–will occur on May 21 appears to have originated with the 89-year-old leader of the ministry Family Radio Worldwide, Harold Camping, who earlier predicted the end of days as Sept. 6, 1994. He went back to the drawing board and says his calculations are now correct.”

-Time for the Dr. Evil voice: “riiiiiiight.”

By Paul M. Banks

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