Does Tiki Barber Have Any Fantasy Value?

Over the past year, retired running back Tiki Barber has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it was leaving his pregnant wife for the young and sexy Tracy Lynn Johnson or comparing his situation to that of Anne Frank, the media has been deservedly harsh of the three-time Pro-Bowler.

Now the 36-year old Barber plans to come out of retirement and see if he can still run with the big boys. According to an interview in the latest issue of SI, Barber is fit as he has ever been and ready to join a NFL roster as soon as the impending Lockout is ended.

Assuming Barber sticks with his goal and joins a team’s training camp, is the former All-Pro Halfback with 10,449 career rushing yards and 67 touchdowns, worth a fantasy draft pick?

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Tiki Barber Compares his Critics to the Holocaust

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is becoming the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL when it comes to image management. He doesn’t need a publicist, he needs a whole team of public relations handlers.

He came under heavy media scrutiny for leaving his pregnant wife to take up with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Traci Lynn Johnson. (pictured above, and below, any time it’s reasonable to post a Traci Johnson pic, you got to do it) And leaving your wife Ginny of 11 years for a hot NBC intern piece of ass- that’s a very “Lance Armstrongian” move there- dig up the history of Armstrong’s personal life to see what I mean)

From Shutdown Corner

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2011 NFL Mock Draft 8-19


Team needs were taken into account with this NFL mock draft. We all know those needs will change numerous times between now and next April, but I looked at where each team is at their weakest, and filled those needs in accordingly.

Order was determined by the overall ratings of every NFL team by Athlon’s NFL annual preview magazine.

By Paul M. Banks

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BE WARY of Tiki Barber-Tracy Lynn Johnson links!! MALWARE!

traci lynn johnson

By Paul M. Banks

You probably have heard the story about former New York Giants tailback Tiki Barber, and his extremely douchebag move of leaving his pregnant-with-twins wife of 11 years Ginny, to be with his 23 year old model/former NBC intern girlfriend Tracy Lynn Johnson.

The story is causing an absolute firestorm on “the internets.” It’s absolutely blowing up on sports blogs.

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