McGwire Says He’s Sorry but Doesn’t Make Amends

By Soxman

The 1998 homerun chase between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire led to baseball’s resurgence.  The thrill of watching a record fall  and the sportsmanship among two of baseball’s “good guys”  re-ignited our passion for the game and that special romantic tingle you get when “make-up” kissing your significant other for the first time after a horrible fight.

So now that one of those “good guys” comes back from baseball exile to admit what everyone pretty much knew, or at least strongly suspected all along, what possible news angle can one take to make this story worth reading?

Is anyone surprised?  Seriously, does the fact that Mark McGwire finally put a decade of hiding the truth aside and admitted to cheating really change anything?

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Mark McGwire admits using steroids with near perfect timing

By Jake McCormick

The most controversial move of the MLB offseason, and the one with the most potential to blow up in a team’s face, did not involve Milton Bradley. Instead, it was a move that was going to require something that should’ve been done a long time ago. [Read more…]