Does Tiki Barber Have Any Fantasy Value?

Over the past year, retired running back Tiki Barber has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it was leaving his pregnant wife for the young and sexy Tracy Lynn Johnson or comparing his situation to that of Anne Frank, the media has been deservedly harsh of the three-time Pro-Bowler.

Now the 36-year old Barber plans to come out of retirement and see if he can still run with the big boys. According to an interview in the latest issue of SI, Barber is fit as he has ever been and ready to join a NFL roster as soon as the impending Lockout is ended.

Assuming Barber sticks with his goal and joins a team’s training camp, is the former All-Pro Halfback with 10,449 career rushing yards and 67 touchdowns, worth a fantasy draft pick?

By: Nick Grays [Read more…]