Blackhawks Fan Tells On-Air Reporter Sarah Kustok: “I Love you, You’re so Beautiful”


“Greg from Lemont” is an ex-baseball player, who’s becoming the next sports blog video star.

The Chicago Blackhawks fan was given a chance to play “Shoot The Puck,” a period intermission goal shooting contest during home Hawks games at the United Center. The formula is simple: a kid, really sexy woman, and adult guy (sometimes celebrity). Rinse and repeat. The woman always gets cheered, the kid and the celebrity can get cheered or booed, if there’s a regular adult guy- always booed. But this isn’t about the shooting competition; it’s about Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter Sarah Kustok, and what she was told by Greg.

I do enjoy publishing stories on people from my hometown becoming stars.

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Top 5 Chicago Sportscaster moments of 2012 (Video)


It was an extremely eventful year for Chicago sportscasters. Jim Deshaies replaced Bob Brenly in the booth for Cubs broadcasts after Brenly left to take the Arizona Diamondbacks job.

Sarah Kustok left Comcast Sports Net Chicago for Yes Network. She was replaced by Susanna Collins. White Sox colorman Hawk Harrelson continued to be an intolerable abomination to broadcasting.

What follows is a list of 5 memorable moments that involved all these tv personalities.

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YES Network’s new Brooklyn Nets reporter: Sarah Kustok


Sarah Kustok has joined the YES Network as its Brooklyn Nets reporter, covering the team within YES’ Nets game telecasts and pre- and post-game shows, its Nets Magazine series and on

Kustok, a former star basketball player and coach at DePaul University, most recently worked at Comcast SportsNet Chicago, where she was the network’s Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Blackhawks reporter. She also had been anchoring sportscasts on WMAQ-TV (NBC) in Chicago.

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White Sox Pierzynski gives Sarah Kustok cream pie sendoff


Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski gave Sarah Kustok from Comcast Sports Net a proper send-off last night. In the middle of her doing her final interview for the station (Sox outfielder Alex Rios) Kustok got a cream pie to the face from the Sox most controversial player.

It was an exciting follow up to an 8-6 White Sox win over the L.A. Angels in 10 innings. Sarah Kustok got a new job out of market, which has not officially been announced yet.

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Chicago sportscaster Sarah Kustok leaving for another market


(Update: according to the Facebook page of WBEZ reporter Cheryl Rae-Stout, she’s rumored to be heading to New York!)

You’ve seen her on Comcast Sports Net Chicago for three years. And for the last few months, you’ve seen her on NBC 5 Chicago on Friday and Sunday nights. Well, no more- as sportscaster Sarah Kustok is leaving the Chicago market.Word of her new job has not been released at this time, but we do know that her last day at CSN will be August 3rd.

Kustok’s people are mum on the new gig because it appears the ink is still drying. The Orland Park, IL and Carl Sandburg graduate has quite a following. She had a crazed Blackhawks fan tell her “I love you Sarah, you’re so pretty” live during a shoot the puck competition.

And she developed nearly 3,000 Twitter followers literally overnight.

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CSN, NBC’s Sarah Kustok joins Twitter, 3,000 followers in 3 days


It’s not often that an individual joining Twitter is news-worthy, but when that individual obtains about 3,000 followers in just three days, it’s more than worthy of some online media attention. Such is the case with Comcast Sports Net Chicago’s Sarah Kustok (you’ve seen her on NBC 5 Sports Sunday too).

Kustok (@sarahkustok) made her first tweet on NBA Draft night: “Hi everyone! Please be patient…not sure about this whole Twitter thing…” she said and over the weekend Sarah Kustok accrued enough followers to instantly have the Conan O’Brien/Jay Mariotti style following to followers ratio going on.

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Meet Sarah Kustok- CSN’s Beloved Blackhawks Reporter


You may have seen the video of a hockey fan telling the sideline reporter “how pretty she is” and how he loves her“…that’s Sarah Kustok

Paul M. Banks has an exclusive discussion with Comcast Sports Net’s Sarah Kustok.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the DePaul graduate on TV covering the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Bulls. She’s had the opportunity to cover a lot of high profile playoff games in multiple sports, and after the jump she’ll tell us all about her amazing experiences, as well as her own backstory.

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Northwestern’s Top Ten Players of the Decade


By Paul M. Banks

For the first time since the 1930s, Northwestern football will have a winning decade. Indeed the program has taken a major step up to gain respectability and more during the 2000s. From about the 1960s up until 1995, going to Ryan Field and watching the home team lose was like walking into a Starbucks and hearing Norah Jones; 19 times out of 20 (Or thereabouts) it happens.

But since Pat Fitzgerald took over the program in 2006, the ‘Cats have nipped, clawed and scratched their way into bowl eligibility in every season but one during his tenure. If they win the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day, 2009’s season win total will tie 2008 for second most in school history. It’s clear that Northwestern bowl berths will soon become as much a part of the holidays as that annoying over-synthesized Paul McCartney tune “Wonderful Christmas Time.”

So who are the top ten players who made this Evanston renaissanace possible? I enlisted the help of a man who knows more about NU sports than any other journalist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting; the Daily Herald’s Lindsey Wilhite. In addition to his reporting duties, check out the blog he currently pens at the Herald site entitled Joe Sports

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