Is Ryan Mallett Really this Decade’s Ryan Leaf?


It seems every other draft NFL Draft or so, we get a “million dollar arm, ten cent head” prospect. (If I may borrow the line from “Bull Durham.”)

This year, it’s Arkansas and former Michigan Wolverines quarterback Ryan Mallett. Remember the character concerns about Jimmy Clausen last year? Take that amount and square it, no cube it, and the equation equals Mallett’s reputation and draft stock. His coarse, somewhat hostile interaction with the media at the combine drew comparisons to Ryan Leaf, (For more on how he ended up go here) who earned the nickname “baby boy” for his insanely immature public blow-ups.

Mallett has never tested positive on a drug test, but he’s supposedly the first QB ever to admit to using them in an interview with a NFL GM.

According to Larry Brown Sports:

there have been widespread rumors about Mallett’s drug use throughout college and an analyst saying Mallett is a “Caucasian street guy” like Eminem or Vanilla Ice. Even Mallett’s coach at Arkansas, Bobby Petrino, tried to improve Mallett’s slang because of concerns over image and appearance.

By Paul M. Banks

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