UCF Football has Miss July going for it


We’re talking about University of Central Florida college football? Well, it’s not everyday that a football program let’s a Playboy Playmate into their locker room for a photo shoot.

But Miss July 2010 Shanna McLaughlin is a UCF grad, and her recent photo shoot for Axis Magazine inside the UCF locker room has given us the first thing to talk about relating to UCF football since Daunte Culpepper.

That’s why I think the UCF A.D. Joe Hornstein is FULL OF IT here

“An employee without proper authorization allowed access to our football locker room. By the time the video of the shoot was brought to our attention, it had already made its rounds via the internet,” Hornstein’s statement said.

“Let me make this clear, UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again. To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize.”

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