Megan Fox Cheerleader photos


I knew there was something I liked about Megan Fox (despite the whole being ridiculously scorching hot thing).  And the Megan Fox cheerleader outfit photos. She compared one of the most disgusting and horrible scourges of the Earth, director Michael Bay, to Adolf Hitler.

Bravo Megan, bravo. Bay’s movies are really interesting, unpredictable, thoughtful and and in now way formulaic- if you’re under the age of 14, and/or severely lacking in mental faculties. For the best send-up of the crapola Bay calls “his films,” rent “Team America: World Police.” The “South Park guys are brilliant.

And this college basketball Saturday, we could all use a Megan Fox cheerleader picture.

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Megan Fox Explains Why She Removed her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

megan fox cheerleader

Hottie supreme Megan Fox is removing her tattoo of the late iconic actress/sex symbol Marilyn Monroe in an attempt to attract more positive energy. The 25-year-old star who was booted from “Transformers 3” for comparing Michael Bay to Hitler (kudos on that girlfriend) is going to get the blonde bombshell ink lasered off her forearm.

Megan Fox told the Italian magazine Amica, as quoted in the Daily Mail:

“I’m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar.”

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