Baltimore Orioles Luke Scott: the most Racist, Backwards and Ignorant Player in MLB


Where was the Twitter outrage when Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott announced he was still a birther moron? Yes, even after the White House released President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Scott choose not to believe in basic facts. Yet the media seemed to largely ignore Scott’s statement, like they do all of Scott’s other insane ramblings that make any thinking person wonder: “does he seriously wear a tin foil hat?”

Since Rashard Mendenhall was ostracized, and lost endorsements over his “unique” opinions on global geopolitics and the structural engineering of skyscrapers, it’s only fair Scott feel the heat for his equally bats%^t, devoid of reality public statements.

Too many people overlook the fact that he actually is a racist redneck, and not just some lovable hillbilly who likes to hunt. Does he get a pass because he’s white? Probably.

You can’t tell one athlete to “just shut up and play,” when he says something controversial. And then let the other one slide when he says something equally ignorant and uniformed. Right now it looks like a racial double standard is at work.

But let’s look closer at Scott, and all of his bigoted and backwards thoughts.

By Paul M. Banks

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