LeBron’s Akron Media Outreach: Too Little, Too Late

akron_lebronBy now you’re certainly heard about NBA star (or should I just call him “reality star”?) LeBron James’ ad in the Akron Beacon Journal reaching out to his hometown; but ignoring Cleveland, the city that made him a larger than life star. Now I know what you’re saying:

“Aren’t Cleveland and Akron like the same-thing?”

Well, yes and no, and no, not really.

They’re a 30 minute drive from one another. It’s like saying Chicago and Evanston are one in the same.

So James really wanted to do something about the public relations Hiroshima he unleashed on his home community? He should made a similar gesture to CLEVELAND!

You may have heard that they HATE HIM there. Especially when attention-whores wear LeBron James Miami Heat jerseys to Cleveland Indians games.

If I could quote the Evil Emperor in Return of the Jedi, “I feel your ANGER.” The only advice I can give here is take up the habit of your city’s all-time greatest hip-hop artists, Bone Thugz n Harmony. That could mellow you people out. Or read this column, since so few of you have, and I spent too much time on it to have so few page views.

I guess I have to accept the fact that I’m not huge in Cleveland.  Well, at least I still have Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

By Paul M. Banks

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