Barry Bonds Suffered from Shrinkage; the George Costanza Variety


The off-the-field stories surrounding Major League Baseball have been featured in the media quite prominently lately, sometimes overshadowing the opening week of action. It’s all thanks to Barry Bonds, who’s quite unloved by the fanbase, to say the least. It’s probably not the type of publicity that MLB is seeking though as Bonds, baseball’s home run king*, is currently involved in a perjury trial relating to his steroid use.

According to the testimony of Kimberly Bell on March 28, a former mistress of Bonds, he admitted to her that he used steroids and they had a negative effect on his body parts and health.  And unlike Seinfeld’s pal George Costanza, who blamed his penis and testicle shrinkage on being in a cold swimming pool, Bell said Bond’s testicles shrunk due to his steroid use.

She said that his testicles eventually formed into an unusual shape and Bonds asked if she believed others would notice the changes that were visibly taking place to his body. She also said that he suffered from a variety of other ailments such as hair loss, acne, and impotence.
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