Kate Upton fat, says very stupid pro-skinny blog (video)

kate upton-bikini

Kate Upton is back on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the first repeat champion since Tyra Banks in 1997. Some say she’s gained 21 pounds since then. Well sure, she looks a bit thicker this year on the cover than she did last year. But those 21 lbs seem to have all found their home in the proper place. Pro-Anorexia website calls supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton a “Fatty.” Is that the proper way to talk about the girlfriend of Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander? The AL ASG starter might want to whip a 100 m.p.h. fastball at the head of (whoever or wherever that head may be)

The Skinny Girl website which slams Kate for being fat, lazy, lardy and piggy looking! Have they seen these GQ photos that sent the internet ablaze?

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