My Wooden Award Ballot Part One

By: David Kay

For the second straight year, I received the honor and privilege of casting my vote for the 2009-2010 John R. Wooden Award given to college basketball’s most outstanding player.

The process goes as such; you receive a ballot with 26 pre-determined players.  You choose the top ten players and vote 1-10, one being for who you think should win the Wooden Award.  If you cast a write-in vote, your ballot is immediately nullified.  The results are then tabulated and determine not only the Wooden Award winner, but also the AP All-American teams.

I waited until after the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament to finalize my ballot because I think the tourney should play a major role in how valuable a player has been to his team and to the game.  I took several factors into account and here is how my vote went:
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