Happy 3rd Birthday The Sports Bank!!!

By Paul M. Banks

This weekend, it became 3 total years since The Sports Bank went live online. And today TSB is stronger than ever. January’s daily traffic average is well ahead of December’s pace; which itself was about 3x the previous month’s high. In fact, we’ve seen steady consistent growth in readership each of the past five months. We’re just half a month into 2010, but our annual daily page views for this year is 4x that of 2009. Which itself was double that of 2008.

Mostly, it’s been our twin mock drafts: the NFL Mock Draft and NBA mock Draft, produced by TSB President Paul M. Banks and Vice President David Kay respectively that have spurred this growth. And we couldn’t have done it without all the mock draft databases out there. You guys truly are the wind beneath our wings. But let’s also give an assist where it’s due: to Erin Pageviews. I mean Erin Andrews, and Jenn Sterger.

Well, to be more accurate- Jenn’s big fake chest, and Erin’s naturally bangin’ body. This just helps “bringing ’em in” and “pack the house” over here. But whatever the reason, business is booming, times are good and for that we thank you! You the reader, you’re the one who makes this all possible, we are eternally grateful and we have a special treat for you on this occasion.

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Jenn Sterger Removes from her Trademark Traits


By Paul M. Banks

You know how there are some girls out there (especially in this industry of sports media) who get where they are because of their boobs, even though they constantly tell you otherwise. (This invokes rule #1 of life, people are always EXACTLY what they claim not to be…i.e. anyone telling you “I’m not a weirdo” is truly a certified axe murderer) Someone you can no longer put in this group is infamous FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger, a former SI.com contributor whose writing skills are mediocre on her best day, but came to internet “fame” somewhat because of her looks, and mostly because of her $11,000 artificial enhancements. But now I have to really give her some credit…

…In this please, look-at-me generation in which we live, genuine self-awareness is hard to find. Even attempts at finding self-awareness are hard to find. In a very difficult to read posting on her personal blog, Ms. Sterger writes

I made an adult choice to get rid of the very things that were perhaps the only reason I started out on this journey. I then decided to bare that decision, along with my confusion and my soul for the public to bare witness.

Will I catch flack? Of course. Will the haters attend my public tar and feathering? Without question. But will a select few readers actually take the time to get to know the real me, the girl behind the boobs, now that I’ve again shared my greatest secrets and fears in a most vulnerable state? Well, that’s what I’m hoping for.

The fact that she realizes her ginormous boobies got her where she is today is refreshing. The fact that she also admits it is very mature and grounded, especially when considering how shallow and superficial the sports media world is. It’s a place where everyone takes themselves much more seriously than they should.

I’d give her much more credit if she did this without the attention-whoring of having the story chronicled in Cosmo, and then of course, the obligatory self-promotion of that story that Sterger has always done. Then again, show me someone who doesn’t recklessly self-promote.

It is indeed a very cutthroat industry,  so I also  hope that sports blog readers everywhere get to know the real Jenn: because in interviews she comes off as a bitter, dejected, self-described band geek turn sexpot. Taking cheap shots at Erin Andrews because she was desperate to become EA herself didn’t help. Now everyone can see that you’re a very mediocre sportswriter with regular, everyday sized boobs, not just a dime-a-dozen sports writer who happens to have big, fake boobs.  Since you’ve taken the puppies to live on a farm upstate, you’ll get treated exactly as you should: fairly.

With your defining characteristics no longer in place, it’s all about your much-less-than-impressive writing. The way it should be.

Write About Erin Andrews, Increase Your Blog Traffic!


By Paul M. Banks

If you’re a start-up sports blogger, here’s a tip for you. It’s a way to increase traffic quicker and more effectively than any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program or employing any social media consultant. Write and post pictures about Erin Andrews.

And this isn’t simply saying “sex sells” either. There’s something about her, and just her that seems to rev up the search engines of web geeks, bloggers, and horny sports nerds.

As the major buzz surrounding the peephole video conveyed, as did a half-dozen EA stories on the internet prior to that, no one else in sports has a cult following on the internet this large. But the question is, why the obsession with Erin Andrews? She’s good, but not great at her job, so it’s not that. And it’s not the eye candy thing either; as there’s plenty of other women who are just as beautiful on Eastern Seaboard Programming Network; and many more on competing networks.

Don’t get me wrong, I like blonde hair, boobs and booty as much as the next guy. And I’ll be the first to admit that EA is quite easy on the eyes…but she’s not a modern day Helen of Troy, who mythically possessed “the face that launched a thousand ships.”


Perhaps it’s the geek factor. She’s described herself as a dork and homebody, despite what others may think, and perhaps all the web nerds identify with that. I’ve me Ms. Andrews once in person in the media room, before an Illinois-Wisconsin game. It was a very pleasant although uneventful exchange. She was quite polite, and probably a lot nicer in person than the “FSU Cowgirl” Jenn Sterger would be in person. You forgot who Jenn Sterger was? Yeah so did I, and the rest of the sports blogosphere.

I only bring her up because Sterger attacked Andrews on a Florida sports talks radio show about a year or so ago. The bitter and dejected Sterger devoted part of her slot to trying to figure out why there’s such a following surrounding Andrews, and then described herself as the “number one girl on the computer.” What metric she used for that remains unclear, but I’m sure Google Analytics is making no effort to copyright that technology. Andrews is the number one girl on the computer, period. And probably a big part of that is due to her seeming down to Earth and nto obsessed with herself, her image, her looks and her popularity. I can’t say the same about most of the sports blogosphere darlings. It seems like many of them never matured past the tenth grade.

Of course, how many of them once had to be fondled by the slimiest man alive, Bruce Pearl