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Sunday, 11 AM….
Really hearty welcome to all of you!  Ummm…you’re early.

Right now, I’m tuning into the NFL Fox Sunday morning crap fest and they’ve ALREADY schilled for X-Men Origins, Wolverine.  Which is great.  We’re faking OchoCinco tweets now.  Original.

Anyway, if you’re familiar with our work on the College Football live blog, you’ll know what’s happening here.  We’ve got people all around the midwest (and mideast) with a variety of different games, values and perspectives.

And, most importantly blood alcohol levels….

Since you’re early, perhaps you’d like to take a peak at some of our other NFL musings for today?  Hmmm?  How about a Fresca??

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And most importantly…we’ll see you in an hour to kick things off!  Two early games I know we’ll have covered are the Vikings and Colts games, perhaps with some more surprises along the way!  See ya soon!  –PS

Minnesota Vikings – Cleveland Browns

About 20 minutes away from game time here, trying to sit through the Ford Taurus Sprint Wolverine FOX NFL Sunday show presented by Miller Lite and Taco Bell. By the way, the funniest possible sponsor for this show: Astroglide. I would love to hear Howie Long try and keep a straight face while picking the Astroglide Smooth Player of the Week. -Shaymus McLaughlin

Detroit Lions – New Orleans Saints

If I were a Vegas odds maker, I’d create an over/under for “Time it takes for the Lions radio crew to make an excuse for the Lions terrible play” I’d set it at 3:00 minutes. Take the under.

Everyone on ESPN’s gameday crew tabbed the Saints over our boys in blue. Do you remember the last time we weren’t the underdogs? I feel like Barry Sanders was in the conversation at the time… -Dave Boucher

Vikings – Browns
11:56 AM – There he is! It’s official, he’s back! They just showed him on TV! Simply as a football fan, you have to be excited for his return. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this all offseason! Yes! It’s the FOX football robot!
–Shaymus M.

Lions – Saints

The Saints looked…I mean sounded… like a well oiled machine on that drive.  Brees to Colston from nine yards out. And yet again, we hear that all too familiar mandate from the lions broadcast crew: The Lions trail. -DB

Cowboys 3, Buccaneers 0
So far, so good in the post-T.O. era. Now the Cowboys won’t choke until the NFC Championship game this year.

Indianapolis 0, Jacksonville 0 (9:59 left 1Q)
I was all set to come on herre and talk about the great Indianapolis scoring drive.  But that’s what happens when you assume things in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE….

Manning quickly led the Colts all the way down the field, then on first and goal threw a terrible pass to Dallas Clark, nfl_u_wayne_195and on second down threw a REALLY nice fade to the front corner of the end zone that Reggie Wayne completely misplayed and Jaguars’ rookie CB Derek Cox did not…long story short, nice interception, touchback (almost a safety), and here come the Jags.

MJD is currently running all over the Colts on the Jags’ first drive….-PS
Saints 14, Lions 3 (5:12 left Q1)

Even though the Bress-inator sent another bomb into the end zone, the Lions are responding nicely. They’ve put together a promising drive, finally turning to Calvin Johnson. Alas, they come up short and leave it up to the leagues most prolific scorer, Jason Hanson.  Some points are better than no points! -DB

Indianapolis 0, Jacksonville 0 (End 1Q)
An underwhelming defensive first quarter as both offenses moved the ball without compunction. Anthony Gonzalez’s knee completely gave out without being touched and it didn’t look good.

The rookie Derek Cox just created another turnover, recovering a Colts’ fumble.  He’s having a career day.  In his first game. –PS

Cowboys 6, Buccaneers 0
So far, so good in the post-T.O. era. Now the Cowboys won’t choke until the NFC Championship game this year.

Saints 14, Lions 3
Dennis Northcut baby! 40 yard punt return. Wooooooo!!

Cowboys 6, Buccaneers 0

When did Byron Leftwich-is-starting-for-Tampa-Bay happen? I just realized this. I didn’t even know he had signed with a team. Is that a bad thing for Bucs fans?

Saints 14, Lions 3 (end of first quarter)
The good news is that the Lions are actually winning 3-0 since the Saints took a 14-0 lead. Moral victories baby. Moral victories.-HJB-

Vikings 10 – Browns 3
Touchdown, Adrian Peterson! On a dorky football note, I really liked the backfield formation on that play. Perfectly balanced, with (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) both Taylor and Peterson in the backfield. Two weapons in the backfield means two thins the defense has to worry about. I love it. And if it wasn’t both Peterson and Taylor, then that’s the play they should have run and their play call sucked.

Just kidding, I did still like it. And by the way, I’ll give the Browns credit for really trying to stick with the run, even though it’s not working. –Shaymus M.

Saints 14, Lions 10 (14:06 Q2)

I absolutely love the guts of Jim Schwartz. It’s 4th down and feet to go from inside the five yard line.  Past administrations (I’m still bitter, Matt Millen) would have played conservatively. Instead, Schwartz sends the trusty Kevin Jones into the end zone. Do I hear the come back train? CHOO CHOO -DB

Vikings 10 – Browns 9? Ah!
Oh dear god why is Cedric Griffin lined up against Braylon Edwards?!?! And Brad Childress is challenging something! This does not bode well. This is my worst Vikings-related nightmare.

–Shaymus M.

Indianapolis 7, Jacksonville 3
Welcome back, Joseph Addai!  11 play drive, Manning and Addai picked apart the Jacksonville defense.  Perhaps the coronation of the Donald Brown era in Indy was premature…-PS

Saints 21, Lions 10 (3:45 Q2)

Hmm, train may have derailed for now. Not only did Brees find his tight end Jeremy Shockey for th eone yeard score, but Lions rookie Louis Delmas slapped the ball away from him in the end zone and was slapped with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. More crisp execution from Detroit… -DB

What I want to know is if Delmas slapped the ball away from Shockey with good form. If you’re going to commit a penalty like that, look good doing it.

Cowboys 13, Buccaneers 7 (46 seconds left in the half)
I’m not going to lie, I miss Jessica Simpson jumping up and down in support for Tony Romo after every touchdown pass.

Vikings 10 – Browns 13
As much as it pains me to say it, the Vikings deserved that. With 2 minutes left in the second half and the talent that is available on this team, there is absolutely no way you should allow the Browns to even get the ball back before the 3rd quarter. That was embarrassing and inexcusable. Is it possible to make Brett Favre the first-ever, player-coach? Because I’m pretty sure he could run a more effective offense by himself than Bevell and Childress seem to be able to.

And point number two, if you come out and don’t let Brett Favre throw here, then why did you get him in the offseason. This situation is EXACTLY why he is an upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson. –Shaymus M.

Saints 28, Lions 10 (1:10 Q2)

The Saints just used four plays to go 50 yards. Jeremy Shockey reels in his second TD of the day (with the help of instant replay). The Detroit broadcasters are telling the Lions to get aggressive, I’m thinking get to the locker room… With another touchdown, that is! Go for broke Stafford!

Saints 28 , Lions 10 (Halftime)

I was waiting to see how long it took the Lions to resort to their old ways.   It appears to only have taken two quarters. Reggie Bush muffs a punt with around one minute left in the half, and the Lions recover.  Lions ball, on the 14 yard line, getting ready to score. Then a Matt Stafford pick, returned into Lions territory. Tack on 15 yards for a crazy personal foul. Drew Brees throws an incomplete pass… but gets the roughing the passer call. 15 more calls. In comes Carney for the field goal…. AND THE LIONS BLOCK IT!

Shew, this is way too much excitement for me. Especially coming from the radio.  I feel for sports fans in the 50s. -DB

peytonmanningIndianapolis 14, Jacksonville 6 (6:56 left 3Q)
A nice completion to the Colts’ drive, a long TD from Manning to Reggie Wayne gives Indy an eight point lead. Wayne split the safeties and neither shifted over to cover.  I’m not sure which one was supposed to shift, but one certainly was. Wayne would have scored from 100 yards away.

Unless the Jacksonville secondary locks it up, this could be a quick death in the second half. –PS

Vikings 17 – Browns 13
Much better drive for the Vikings than anything they did in the first half. We saw Rice and Haarvin getting much more involved in the offense finally, with Peterson and Taylor running the ball and Shiancoe catching a screen pass. That’s how you run an offense. Just let Favre get to the line, read the defense, and give him the freedom to make any changes he deems necessary, just like he did when he looked at Rice, tapped his helmet, then threw a fade to him, resulting in a pass interference call. This is where Favre is so valuable, and the coaches need to just get out of the way. -Shaymus M.

Saints 28, Lions 17  (11:47 Q3)

Jim Schwartz must have said something right in the locker room. On 3rd and six, Stafford finds Calvin Johnson for a 64 yard pass. Apparently he stepped out of bounds, but Schwartz was in the ref’s ear telling him he was wrong. Of course, they can’t review the play, Detroit gets the ball on the three and a first and goal.  A personal foul penalty saves Detroit on 3rd down. Then Stafford may or may not have fumbled on the goal line, where the Saints may or may not have recovered it. But another personal foul call bails the Lions out AGAIN! A one yard Stafford rush finally gets the ball into pay dirt. Just another Lions Sunday. –DB

Indianapolis 14, Jacksonville 12 (11:00 4Q)
Eight touches in 11 plays for MJD on that Jags drive. He was in the Wildcat for a 2-pt try there but it didn’t happen.  Just when it looked like the Jags were out they pulled their way back in…–PS

Vikings 24 – Browns 13
Do I sense a budding bromance? Favre passes to Harvin for the young rookie’s first NFL TD, then sprints down to the endzone with a giant smile on his face to tackle Percy and congratulate him. Add in the comments from Harvin earlier about how much he has learned from Favre, and I think we definitely have a bromance possibility. It’s a beautiful thing, love. –Shaymus M.

Saints 31, Lions 17 (6:11 Q3)

Detroit holds New Orleans to a field goal. If I’m the Ford Family,  I’m thinking, “This is why we drafted you Matt Stafford. We knew we’d be down, and we need you to lead us back into this game.” -DB

Saints 31, Lions 20 (3:22 Q3)

Lions rookie Aaron Brown dazzles on an 88 yard kick off return, putting the Lions in the red zone. The rest of the team fizzles, comes up short and allow Hanson to get three points back. -DB

Saints 38, Lions 20 (3:03 Q3)

This is why people label New Orleans’ offense as “explosive”. Brees hits Henderson for the quarterback’s fifth touchdown of the game, a new career-high…. It seems like at least one player sets a career-high against Detroit every game. -DB

Saints 38, Lions 27 (1:29 Q3)

Stafford comes out and throws ANOTHER interception. All hope is lost. But wait! Delmas recovers a Mike Bell fumble and returns it 65 yards for six! This appears to be our most productive offensive strategy: Matt, give them the ball. Defense: take the ball back and score. -DB

Indianapolis 14, Jacksonville 12 FINAL
The quickest game of the day…nice 4 and out, turnovers on downs to end the game for the Colts defense after giving the ball back to the Jags after being unable to run out the clock.

All in all, the most boring game of the day….-PS

Cincinnati 7, Denver 6 (:38 left, 4Q)
….well, except for this game.  The Bungles just scored to take a 1 point lead on a….shudder…Cedric Benson TD run.

Apparently the vaunted Josh McDaniels offense is not so good.  Although Kyle Orton HAS led three game-winning drives, who knew?  –PS

Denver 12, Cincinnati 7 (:11 left, 4Q)
Well, that’s the last time I make fun of Kyle Orton.

Or not really…the ball should have been intercepted, or knocked down, and I think Deltha O’Neal tipped the ball into the air right into the hands of Brandon Stokely who then took it the rest of the way, 60 more yards, into the end zone.
And on top of the fact, Stokely was so alone he had the wherewithal to run about 5 more seconds off the clock, running along the goal line and only crossing it when he absolutely had to. –PS

Vikings 34 – Browns 13
Tarvaris Jackson should write Adrian Peterson a thank you card, because without Peterson dominating defenses, he’s not going to play much. And obviously, this is a great move to get Favre some rest. No reason to keep the old man in there anymore, especially after an ideal day:  Just over 20 passing attempts, no turnovers, and a score. Not too shabby, and exactly what the Vikings are looking for in games like this. –Shaymus M.

Saints 45, Lions 27 (8:29 Q4)

Brees throws his SIXTH touchdown of the day, tying a record for most against the Lions (set by Peyton Manning on Thanksgiving a few years back.)

Who gets the 13 yard TD reception? Heath Evans…. Really? That’s distributing the ball for ya… -DB