Anti-Bracket Regional Champion: INES SAINZ!

ines saint butt

Her imprint in the 2010 sports media world was even larger than her enormous ass. No one made so much noise despite having so little talent as Ines Sainz. Her professional wardrobe is a bit risque- by the standards of a streetwalker. She single-handedly set female journalists back multiple decades.

Her acumen for sports is equal to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s ability to be witty and humorous. Yet here she is talked about, searched for, lusted after by those men with horrible standards. The Winner of the Rachel Nichols Regional in the 2011 Sports Bank Anti-Bracket.

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VOTE NOW! Anti-Bracket Rachel Nichols Regional

Rachel Nichols

We have a first in The Sports Bank’s Anti-Bracket (formerly known as Douchebracket) history as a team was forced to forfeit their opening round game.  In the end, the bracket almost played out as expected with only one seed crashing the party in the Rachel Nichols Regional.  Now we need your help to cast your cote to see who will represent this regional in the Final Four that also features the Ty Cobb Regional, Kardashian Regional, and Milton Bradley Regional.

By: David Kay
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The Anti-Bracket: Rachel Nichols Regional

rachel nichols espn

The Sports Bank’s third annual Anti-Bracket (formerly known as the Douchebracket) celebrates all that is wrong in the world, most prominently in the sports world.  Four regionals will chosen by an esteemed panel of TSB contributors.  With your input, the field will be narrowed down to a Final Four where our readers will choose the winner of the 2011 Anti-Bracket.

Past winners of the Rachel Nichols Regional include Rachel herself and last year’s winner, Luke Harangody.  Help me figure who will earn that honored distinction this season by leaving a comment below as to who you think needs to advance to the Final Four.

By: David Kay
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