Illinois-Vanderbilt a Big 10-SEC Challenge


By Paul M. Banks

Without a doubt, this will be the toughest home game the Illini have in their pre-conference. Yes, they won down in Nashville last season, but this Commodores team is even better than last year, as they return Center A.J. Ogilvy (who has NBA potential) and add some talented freshmen.  Vandy is ranked #24 in the AP poll, and are receiving votes in the Boo-Yah network/dumbed down newspaper/voting based on nepotism and cronies poll. You know that one as the ESPN/USA Today/Coaches poll.

Anyways, we will learn a lot more about the Illini beginning in 3…2….1….tip off

The Illini bring in some big questions about their defense. I mean huge questions. They have been outscoring people like crazy this season, but they don’t do much when it comes to defending the dribble.

Illini 9, Vandy 0, 3:00 gone by.

At this rate, Illinois will win 280-0. I’m guessing that trend won’t hold.

Illini 18, Vandy 13 13 min left in half.

Yeah, these trends did not continue. Look at Tisdale tonight, looking like how he in midseason last year. Illinois will need him to be good like this, tonight. not bad like he was in the tourney game last year. If they want to be all they can be this year. Vandy has my new favorite name in all of college basketball. Steve Tchiengang pronounced “Chain Gang”

31-18 Illini now, 7 min left in half.

The SEC is back. SEC is no longer a football conference. Well, a somewhat overrated football conference. Vanderbilt is good! And Kentucky has the guy who should be the #1 overall pick in the dratf next June. The Wildcats have so much talent they should contend for the title. So Illini looking sharp, makes a statement.

35-22 Illinois, 3:56 left first half
AJ Ogilvy is a legit NBA prospect, and Tisdale has absolutely destroyed him, with 12 points on 6-of-7  shooting.  However, Tis’ just picked up his second foul, and with Mike Davis guarding him, Ogilvey has scored on consecutive possessions.

I love the Illini in transition against Vandy tonight. They really are having trouble defending the passing lanes against the Illini, and the Illini backcourt guys are really taking advantage. PS

Illinois 44, Vandy 36 1:00 remaining first half
I’m not complaining, but when did Dominique Keller become a three-point shooter?? PS

Illinois 46, Gloria Vanderbilt 36 HALFTIME
Great contributions from the bench in this one, Keller with six, Jeff Jordan with 4 points and some great defense on the perimeter.  Even Richard Semrau got in on the action, which was nice to see.

The Illini lead by ten despite losing Tisdale to two fouls and only getting some nominal contributions from the two fab freshmen, Brandon Paul and D.J. Richardson.

It will be interesting to see if the Illini can keep scoring at this ridiculous pace — 62 percent from the field in the first half, on 21-0f-34 shooting.  I would imagine that will slow down, and that the defense will have to step up! PS

Stupid F—ing BIG ten Network!!! my feed was out all that time until now! they can’t handle fucking snow to transmit their signal PMB

62-52 Illini 7 min to go

ILLINI win 79-68. defeating #24 Vanderbilt.

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And Wayne Larrivee is an ignorant douche. how is it an “upset” if Illinois was favored by 3? seriously. he’s such a knob. Nice call there, Larrivee.