Share the Illinois-Ohio St. 1st Place Love on Valentine’s Day

By Paul M. Banks and Hans Hetrick

(PMB) It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday manufactured by the collective efforts of Hallmark, Zales, Russell Stover and the Vermont Teddy Bear Corporation, so you know what means? It’s time to celebrate the fact that all of the most annoying and overplayed commercials that we’re sick of will soon be put away for another year! And we have a HUGE game, #13 Ohio St visiting Illinois, to focus on and drown out all the irritating crass commercialization.

(HH)  It’s true. Those Valentine’s Day commercials are torture. Just a reminder that civilization hasn’t progressed much since the actual St. Valentine was beaten with clubs and beheaded by the Romans. On the other hand, the Romans and early Christians certainly didn’t witness a Big Ten title race as exciting as this 2010 version. Five teams fighting it out down the stretch. Illini and Buckeye fans probably weren’t thinking Big Ten Championship three weeks ago.

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