L.A. Lakers Games Have New Sideline Reporter: Heidi Watney


Reason 3,498, 490 it sucks that there’s no NBA season: sideline reporter Heidi Watney is taking her talents back to her home state. Los Angeles Lakers telecasts on Time Warner will have a new sideline reporter in Watney (once the games actually happen); previously known for her extensive Boston Red Sox coverage.

If Watney looks too hot to be a reporter, so hot that in fact she distracts you from the actual news (what I call the Lisa Dergan rule), you’re not alone. She literally is a former beauty pageant contest.

We all want to see aesthetically pleasing people on television (yet Chicago Tribune Bears reporter Brad Biggs is on local tv almost every other day, in the third largest market, amazingly, see footnote 1) but there comes a point when the hotness is a story and it distracts you from the news.

From ESPN:

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