Sidetracked: Crap, Valentine’s Day is Coming

By: Smoove C

Oh no.  I hate the singular act of turning the calendar from the month of January to February.  Why even turn the thang?  I turn it and POOF.  My woman’s voice mysteriously echoes throughout the room and the 14th jumps out at me like an ugly Harangody all up in my face.  Her voice starts calling out thangs she wants. This year, I’m cutting her off like Daniel Snyder putting a sock in Jim Zorn. It’s about what Smoove C wants.  Fellas, if we gotta do this, we gonna to do it my way. And for those of you without a woman, I’ve got something in this article for you, too.

For those of you with a big pocketbook, maybe seven figures on your contract, we gonna benefit from this here research. Go big or go home on the court or on the field; that’s what we do. So this is what the professionals are doing this Valentine’s Day, and that’s right—this really does exist.  If you don’t believe me, all the details are right here.

We’re going to DC’s W Hotel for their Valentine’s Day Package.  In short, you get VIP copter rides to private wine tastings, bottomless champagne, Kobe steak and Maine lobster, a personal Body Chocolatier that makes candy molds of your naked selves, Louis Vuitton luggage full of lingerie for her and some Swarovski crystals on your PJ’s or whatever. It’s gonna set you back $28 G’s man, but it’s worth it. Here’s what they give ya. [Read more…]