1992 Dream Team vs. 2008 Redeem Team


Few people can debate that the 2008 Olympics will mainly be remembered as the Summer Games when swimming was the most important: program on TV, topic at work and event to schedule your evening plans around. Michael Phelps owned NBC, Beijing and the Water Cube for 8 days. However, while Phelps garnered more medals than former Olympic Record Holder Mark Spitz, there is another accomplishment within Team USA that is worth taking into consideration, in both the present and past pretenses.

The 2008 USA Men’s Basketball Team is on a mission to reclaim the gold for USA Basketball after a string of sub par performances on the international stage, but they aren’t setting out to just win the gold. They are looking to demolish every opponent in their way. Each and every member of the team has settled into their role making sure that no team can ever question that they were the best.

Except one.

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