NBA Draft: Draft Best Available or Fill Team Needs?

NBA Draft

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern Time on ESPN, the 2012 NBA Draft will begin. The first pick is all set, with Kentucky’s freshman phenom Anthony Davis set to become an official member of the New Orleans Hornets. One doesn’t even have to ask why New Orleans is so set on Davis with their pick. He is the best talent available in the draft, boasting exceptional height, basketball IQ, ball-handling, and defensive instincts, and he also fills a huge need for the Hornets, as Gustavo Ayon and Darryl Watkins were their big men at the end of last season. After the top pick, however, many teams like the Bobcats, Wizards, and Cavs are faced with the age old question: should they take the best player available or pick a lesser player who fills a glaring team need?

This is a guest blog from Johnny Hasson

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