F#©]{ Everyone Involved With The NHL Lockout (NSFW)

nhl lockout


With the nonsense going on between the millionaires and billionaires, who are acting like greedy little children now, I’ve have enough with the National Hockey League.  I’m fed up with everyone involved with possibly ending a second full season of hockey this decade, with either side not giving a damn about anyone other than themselves.  Not the fans, or arena employees, or actual team employees, or the income the leauge brings to struggling cities. Just themselves.  Oh, and money.  To hear what I have to say to each of these ridiculously greedy people threatening to kill hockey once again, continue after the jump.

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Shea Weber To Stay In Nashville, Predators Match Flyers’ Offer Sheet


Last week, the Philadelphia Flyers made a monster offer sheet to restricted free agent Shea Weber for 14 years and $110 million.  After a week of speculation of will they or won’t they, the Nashville Predators decided to match the offer sheet, which means Weber will stay with the only team he has known through his entire NHL career.  After losing unrestricted free agent Ryan Suter to the Minnesota Wild, the idea of losing both players in one offseason was too much.  To find out what the signing of Weber means for the Predators future, continue after the jump.

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