Bears should bring WR Hank Baskett, Kendra to the Chi


By Paul M. Banks

Against my will, I became very familiar with the E! channel’s reality series “Kendra” this summer. So  much so that I’ll probably spend the rest of my time on Earth unable to expunge traumatic memories of it’s IRRITATING and factually inaccurate theme song. (The song ends with the phrase “you’re on your own now”- despite the fact that the former Playboy Playmate is knocked up by and engaged to NFL receiver Hank Baskett). kendra-wilkinson-pregnant1

But now that the Philadelphia Eagles have cut Baskett, to make way for Mike Vick (replacing a “reality star” with a dog murderer, stay classy Philadelphia), I’m actually looking forward to watching one future episode of “Kendra” this season. Despite the fact it’s a program that even the lobotomized would find low-brow and stupid. However, the episode where Baskett gets cut should be fun, right?

And what NFL division would be the best home for a reality star? The NFC North of course, since it has more dramatic story lines than a season of MTV Real World. It also houses a team, the Chicago Bears, with a receiving corp that could be considered mediocre- if they resided in the SEC or Big 12.

Devin Hester topped the 90 receiving yards mark again last Sunday night, and he appears to be showing progress at the position. So finally, after 2 1/2 years, Hester has learned Ron Turner’s “Midwest Coast Offense”. (The place where fullback screen passes RULE!) Other than #23, I don’t see any current Bears wide-out as an upgrade over Baskett. Hank’s 1 catch for 6 yards in week one means he’s had a more productive year so far than Juaquin Iglesias or Rashied Davis. Iglesias is TERRIBLE, but no team in the NFL is more loyal to their crappy draft picks than the Bears, so he’ll stay, even though that’s who I would cut first. The Bears could put any of the “Girls Next Door” out there, and they could be more effective than Iglesias.

Davis is a serviceable #4 receiver, but nothing more. Johnny Knox is….well, not really good at getting open and catching passes. He did make a big play last weekend, but look at what he did the rest of the night. Knox had no clue what he was doing most of the time, and often not finishing his routes. And since we’re on that topic, we also have Earl Bennett. I think he could make a decent number three with Baskett as your #2. Despite the Bears receivers being similarly awful last season, Bennett never recorded a catch; which says something. I’ll admit he’s improved and had a decent game last week. But he also has blood on his hands for one, if not two of QB Jay Cutler’s interceptions.  Bennett really must step up his route-running and knowledge of the playbook.

And of course, here’s the kicker. This gift Baskett comes complete with another special present: Kendra Wilkinson, who fills another huge void the Bears have. Since Chicago has no cheerleaders, they’re without any barely dressed women with huge implants to enthusiastically support the team.