All is right with the world (for now)


By H. Jose Bosch

The Tigers avoided an embarrassing sweep in Minnesota and who, of all people, helped save the bleeding?

Nate Robertson.

Yes, that Nate Robertson, the one who has been battling against injuries and being a good pitcher most of the year. He threw five strong innings, allowed just two runs and struck out six batters in the Tigers’ 6-2 win Sunday afternoon.

He also stranded six runners, so his performance wasn’t easy on the heart, but he gave Detroit a mini-jumpstart, something the team needed desperately.

If you read my last post I made things seem really dire and it felt like it. But the Twins gained just one game on Detroit over the weekend which doesn’t sound as bad as saying “they lost two out of three games.” A three-game lead still isn’t comfortable, but it sounds a lot better than two games.

The Tigers still have to start hitting the ball better as they stare down their final two road series of the season but at least they have a good taste in their mouth going into Cleveland. And it helps to have a day off today this late in the year.

Placido Polanco is doing his part, hitting .371 during in September and Miguel Cabrera has been a picture of consistency all year. It’s time other players start showing some life right about now.

All Detroit needs is for a different guy to step up on each night. The Tigers don’t need Curtis Granderson so go on a tear or Carlos Guillen and Brandon Inge to start hitting better. But if any three of them can step up and have a big night at least once or twice over the last two weeks of the season, the Tigers will seal the deal on this pennant.

This is it folks. This is the point of the year where we all take a deep breathe and plunge into the deep abyss that is the end of the regular season.

Thirteen games.

Thirteen games until triumphant victory or soul-crushing defeat.

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