NCAA Tournament Betting Lines Prediction

By Peter Christian, Paul Schmidt and Souc

Idea stealing isn’t something I’m proud of. Nor is it something I do with regularity. Although, without idea stealing, there would only be ONE television network, there would only be ONE newspaper and there would only be ONE sports blog on the entire internet (there’d actually be only ONE of a lot of things but you get my point). SO, after the field of 65 teams in the NCAA Tournament were announced, Paul Schmidt, Steve Soucie and I decided to play our version of the Guess the Lines game made famous by Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal on Simmons’ podcast. No prize on the line, no chance to beat the others with a Subway footlong sub (although if Subway would like to sponsor us, who are we to say no?). Just good ol’ bragging rights about who is the most degenerate of the three of us.

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