LeBrottery 2010: who gets King James?


So where’s he going to go? As it stands now, Vegas’ odds makers have the Chicago Bulls with the best chance of landing LeBron, but I think he’s destined to go to New York. That’s my gut and I’m sticking to it. And isn’t that why we make NBA Picks and focus on NBA Lines? To “make things interesting.”

So here we sit, the day Cavalier fans have dreaded. Can we really feel bad for them though? The Cavs have done nothing but disappoint in the playoffs every year with LeBron (and yes, I’m including the sweep by the Spurs in the finals as a disappointment. It was such an uncompetitive series that many people have forgotten LeBron once actually reached the finals). Most depressing of all, the Cavs have tried to build a team around LeBron, signing Mo Williams, Shaq, and Jamison, but only seeing little improvement.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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