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By Mike Gallagher

A little over a half hour ago, more bad news broke about Royce White.  Reported by at about 8 p.m. this evening, Royce White found his way into an even stickier situation than he was already in. It’s been reported that he is a suspect in a campus theft that happened Saturday night at the University of Minnesota.  No further details of the theft or circumstances were immediately available.

This is an unbelievable development considering all that has just transpired with White over the last few weeks.  He is already on an indefinite suspension from the basketball program following a theft he committed from Macy’s at the Mall of America roughly two weeks back.

White stole $100 worth of clothes from the Macy’s, then pushed a security guard out of his way until he reached the exit.  He then drove away, but was stopped soon after by Bloomington police and forced to return the clothes.  When Smith suspended White, he emphasized that the suspension could be anywhere between two and twenty games.

Already considered a risky recruit by pundits around the nation, White has done absolutely nothing to dispel critics who claim he’s too much of a bad kid and a head case to be a productive basketball player.  He was kicked out of De La Salle High School in Minneapolis his junior season for academic misconduct.

But a source familiar with the situation told me that that was only half the problem.  The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that White’s response when the teacher confronted him with the cheating allegations was; “B****, I’m f****** Royce White.”

Trevor Mbakwe, the Gophers other elite recruit, is already suspended until his legal issue is resolved.  He is facing a felony battery charge and has a court date set for December 14th.  Joel Maturi announced the decision to hold him out of the team’s games last week.

With White already on that indefinite suspension, and Tubby Smith already clearly unhappy with him, don’t be surprised if drastic action is taken against White.  This could be one of the lengthier suspensions the University has seen if White even remains in the program after these allegations.


Smith may wait until more details come out and until it is clarified that White is the man in question.  That being said, with all White’s previous history, and Tubby’s history of running a tight ship, Smith may not even wait for that.  He may go to the old adage; ‘why was he even in the situation to be a suspect in the first place?’

If White doesn’t have an answer, don’t expect Smith to have a great deal of sympathy.  This is strike number two within the last two weeks, and if you count his high school dismissal, that’s his third.

While Tubby Smith may not coach baseball, he knows as well as Joe Torre, three strikes and you’re out.